Career Opportunities

With ethics!

$80,000 P.A. Salary Package
PLUS Generous Bonus System
that can soon see you earning $250,000 + p.a.
AFTER A 3-Month Training Period
(some ‘on the job’)


Our agency is ‘Jenman Approved’ which means that our real estate systems are based on a strict Code of Ethics and Client Care. No-one else in the real estate industry comes close to what we do – either for you, our team members or our valued clients, the home -sellers. Do some research and you’ll find some clues – we are not popular with many of our competitors but we are hugely popular with our clients. Please check our website and see what we mean!

You do NOT need real estate sales experience to qualify as a representative with us. If we think we will suit you, we’ll give you three months (perhaps less depending on your knowledge and experience) PAID training on our system. That’s right, unlike some real estate groups who charge you for training, we pay you in your 3-month training period ($100 per day!)

So, what’s the catch? You may think, “This sounds too good to be true”.

Well, our recruitment process can be summed up as follows: Select likely people and give them intensive training, then test their knowledge and skill. If they pass, pay them a very high salary (more than DOUBLE what’s typical in the industry) and, well, here is the only “catch” we can think of – we expect RESULTS (it’s how we offer you great conditions!).

We will also expect you to build a loyal following of local home-owners who will call you when they are thinking of selling.

And, we will expect you to persuade home-sellers to choose you when they are selling. After all, here’s our ‘presentation’ to home-sellers in a nutshell. “We believe that nobody can get you a better price than us and we GUARANTEE that you won’t have to pay a cent – not anything, advertising or any costs or any commission – until your home is sold and you are happy with both the price and the service”. That’s a powerful but very easy ‘sell’, surely?

You will need the following attributes: Well presented; high integrity; good communication skills; ambitious; eager to learn; a high regard for ethical business practices and, perhaps experience in some form of sales so that you can convince people to do what’s best for them!

Interested? If so, please complete our confidential application form prior to us perhaps meeting for a preliminary chat.

Real estate, done right (with ethics and selling ability) is a wonderful career. Although we have several positions available, (including a part time position), we encourage you to apply now. Thank you!

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Jodi’s Story

We have wonderful career opportunities ideal for stay-at-home-Mums (or Dads!) who
have a few hours to spare each week.
Jodi Tunn was a stay-at-home-mum. Now she works the hours she wants, and averages
around two-and-a-half-thousand dollars per month. Read Jodi’s story about what it’s like working part time in real estate below.“You’re not tough enough to work in real estate!”
Neil Jenman

Jodi Tunn works part-time in a Jenman Approved real estate agency in Tasmania. Jodi
averages around two and a half thousand dollars a month working in a Jenman Approved
agency. This is Jodi’s Story

“One person said “You’re not tough enough” to work in real estate. My dad was a mechanic and my great grandad was Roy Cazaly (famous for his high marks and ruck work, which gave rise to the phrase “Up There Cazaly”.) Tough is my middle name! “You’re too old” said another person. Old? How dare you! I’m 45. I don’t intend on getting old for a long time “And you‘re too honest” quipped someone else. Well, I chose to work in a Jenman Approved agency.

Anyone who knows a lot about real estate knows of Neil Jenman and his lifetime campaign to promote ethics in real estate. This is where I love to work. And maybe it’s where you might love to work too. So why did I get into real estate? Okay, I’ll admit it. I need the money. My husband and I got caught in a bad business deal recently we lost our family home. But even though I’ve got children to look after, There’s no way I want to stay on the couch and sulk. I want to improve things for my family. I am determined. We’re going up, Not down! We’re going to have our own home again, Mark my words!

So when I saw a job for a part-time real estate position and I could choose hours to suit me and be paid a good hourly rate plus bonuses, I had to know more. And gee, am I glad I did. As our bank account grows, I said to my husband who’s laughing now eh?

I really love this job – for three reasons. First, I choose when I want to work and for how long I want to work. Some days I do as many as five hours, other days I just do an hour or two. Some days I may not work at all. It’s up to me. I start when I feel like it and I stop when I feel like it. How good is that for a job?!

Second, I’ve grown to love the job. Real estate is fascinating and I meet lovely people. Plus, I work with a great team who are genuinely dedicated to giving the best service to their customer. That’s the Jenman way.

And the third reason I love this job is what I mentioned earlier – money. With my bonuses, I’m on target to average around two-and-a-half thousand dollars a month. That’m making a BIG difference in our family. Before now, I’ve felt like I’ve always been short of money in my adult life and it’s awful.”

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