Tanya Kilpatrick

Tanya Kilpatrick

Asset Manager

Meet Tanya,

Heartfelt Connections in Asset Management.

Tanya stands out not just for her expertise in Asset Management but for her innate ability to truly connect with people. She firmly believes in the power of listening, ensuring she understands her clients' distinct needs and then offering solutions tailored just for them. From handling maintenance intricacies and navigating through conflicts to giving consistent feedback on property status, Tanya's clients always feel heard, valued, and supported every step of the way.

Outside the professional realm, Tanya's weekends revolve around her family. They're often found cuddling up for a movie night, embarking on delightful escapades, or enjoying the company of Bear & Belle Belle, the family's cherished dog and cat. For Tanya life is all about laughter, cherished moments, and creating lasting memories. Engaging with Tanya means getting an Asset Manager who genuinely cares, both about her clients and the world she shares with her loved ones.