Sarah McDonald

Sarah Mcdonald

Business Manager

Meet Sarah,

The Quiet Powerhouse Balancing Finance, HR & Much More.

Don't let Sarah's reserved demeanour fool you. As Business Manager, Sarah has been the guiding hand behind the scenes for many years, seamlessly integrating Payroll, Finance, and HR functions to keep the business running smoothly.

With her depth of experience and a knack for numbers, she makes sure everyone is taken care of—whether that means ensuring timely pay, keeping our accounts in check, or managing human resources with a calm nature.

When she's not crunching numbers or aligning spreadsheets, Sarah enjoys a well-deserved break in a quiet corner with a good book. She's been with the business so long; we wonder how we ever managed without her!

What our client says about Sarah

Not only did they communicate thoroughly throughout the process but she was extremely knowledgeable, honest and efficient. I believe it took 3 days to find a tenant for my property from the day we began.