Paul Reed

Paul Reed

Sales Executive

Meet Paul,

A Pillar in Hobart's Real Estate Industry.

Paul has carved a name for himself as a trusted and reliable agent, known for delivering outstanding results for his clients. With a stellar career track record, Paul's success is a testament to his unparalleled market knowledge, strategic marketing tactics, and formidable negotiation skills.

Clients are drawn to Paul's professionalism, integrity, and ability to understand and address their unique needs. He has a knack for offering personalised solutions that resonate with his clients' aspirations, making him their go-to advisor in an ever-evolving real estate market.

Entrust your property journey to Paul, and rest assured that you'll be partnering with one of the best in Hobart. He is committed to making every real estate endeavour a rewarding experience, consistently exceeding client expectations.


what our client says about paul

I can confidently attest to his exceptional professionalism, clear communication, and remarkable ability to facilitate a successful remote collaboration. I recommend T.G. Newton to anyone seeking a professional who excels in remote collaboration.

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