Nawwar Alshawi

Nawwar Alshawi

Managing Director

Meet Nawwar,

The Operational Mastermind Who Doesn’t Just Keep the Wheels Turning, He Upgrades Them for Peak Performance.

Nawwar has an extensive track record of owning and operating multiple high performing businesses whilst driving success and process improvement, but there's more to Nawwar than meets the eye. With corporate experience in the telecommunications and medical sectors under his belt, he blends analytical acumen with a strategic vision, ensuring every venture he's involved in stays a cut above the rest. With an impressive track record in both commercial & residential real estate, Nawwar exceeds clients’ expectations, establishing himself as a trusted name in the industry.

Nawwar is not just the backbone of the business; he's its driving force, forever pushing boundaries, innovating, and charting new paths to success. In Nawwar's world, good is just the beginning; he's all about achieving the extraordinary.