Worry Free Process

Serge had a horrible experience a few years ago when trying to sell his home by auction. The property was passed in and Serge still had to pay the advertising bill of thousands. Then he met Eon from TG Newton in Oakleigh and his expectations of Real Estate agents completely changed.

Serge: My name is Serge and I sold my property at 93 Wanda Street, Mulgrave with TG Newton and Company and a very pleasant experience indeed.

Eon is the best agent I’ve ever met.

It came very clear, he works for 3% but there’s no cost of advertising and I said, “Eon, but what if you don’t get my price, I would be entitled to a little discount?” He said, “Okay, we’ll put on paper negotiation.” But if he gets my price, I never argued about the full agency fee that he was asking.

Passed in at Auction and I still had to pay

Serge: My property was on the market two years ago but it was passed in at auction. You’ve got to pay the auction for no result, not so much the failure of the agent but it was at a time where probably should not have gone for auction. The market was not good. That hurts a bit but that’s the way it was. Probably it cost about $4,000, somewhere there.

Serge: Actually, I was not looking for any agent and I was not looking at selling the property but what happened is someone knocked on the door. He said, “Are you thinking of selling the property?” I said, “No, but would you like to come in and have a look and give us an idea of what it’s worth” Because there’s been a number of properties being sold around the area and so we said, “Look, actually, what I will do is get Eon to come and have a chat with you.” I said, “Okay, I have no problem with that. I don’t know who Eon is, I don’t know what your company is but as long as it is understood I am not at this point of time looking to sell.” No pressure. I don’t want any pressure at all. If he wants to come and have a chat, he’s most welcome.

Some of the agents that I’ve heard, I have never encountered one like Eon. If I have to recommend anybody, I would recommend TG Newton anytime. Eon came and just, I said, “Look, before we start, I’m not signing any paper, I’m not … There’s no board on the street or whatever, but if you feel you want to bring somebody to come and have a look… I will be quite happy to let you do so.”

The way Eon explained what he does and how Newton operates, and there was no cash commitment and no advertising commitment, that was quite impressive.

I said, “Well Eon, if I sold, I would be looking for so much, but I would not go under … ” He said, “No, I don’t want to know your below price. I just want to know what you want.” I thought what I was asking after what I spent here from the time I bought the property and what I spent here, I think it was just. It would have been a fair price for somebody who loved the house, but if somebody just came to compare it with the one next door and the one next door, it wouldn’t work, so you needed someone to love the house.

At that point of time, Eon, I think he said something, “But I love this house.” That was enough for me to say, “Well, go ahead.” There’s a big difference between a salesman saying he loves what he’s going to sell and somebody who says, “Look, around the area this one sold for so much, this one sold for so much, but probably you won’t get more than so much.” I’ll say in that case, “I’m not going to sell.”

No mention of our ‘rock bottom’ price

Serge: But Eon said, “No, we go for the price you ask.” Virtually at no time did we even look at anything less. He asked me how much I wanted and that was the end of it. I told him the price I wanted and that’s the price we sold. At the end of the day, if we did not achieve that, I would not have sold. To summarise the relationship with Eon was fair. Fairness to both the buyer and the seller or the seller and the buyer. It’s for a good result, long term result, it’s a win-win situation and I hope it is a win-win situation.

He was more like a friend. He became almost part of our family. He cared about us tremendously and when you’re getting a little bit on like we do and we’ve sold … Now it’s our fourth house that we owner, but what I mean, you need someone to care a bit and need it. I would recommend Eon anytime. I think it’s probably of all the salesman that have been here, I consider him a professional. Out of all the properties I’ve sold in the past, this has been the best experience. Mind you, it’s always difficult but probably it’s been the less hassle. We’ve never had an open day.

Worry Free Process

Serge: There was no big description, no photos, no nothing, it was just for private sale and that was … Actually, Eon did not have a key. It was a question, he rang up and said, “Would you mind if I took somebody on whatever, Thursday, Friday, three o’clock, four o’clock?” No problem at all. It was not a question of living on tiptoes, waiting for someone to knock on the door, whatever, which was happening before, so that was really what I really enjoyed. It was always by appointment. He never at any stage let a lot of people in, which was quite good and it was always sort of have one person at a time. It was worriless, if you want.