Are you selling in Bentleigh East? Please help Wing buy…

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Wing: Hello?

Eon: Hi Wing, it’s Eon at TG Newton, how are you?

Wing: Yes. How are you? Yes.

Eon: Very, very well thank you. Now, just to let you know, this call is being recorded.

Wing: Yeah, is okay.

Eon: And my understanding is that you’re looking to buy a property in Bentleigh East.

Wing: Yes.

Eon: So if you can, can you just cover what it is that you’re looking for, how long you’ve been looking, and what sort of budget you’re hoping to buy something within?

Wing: Okay, yep. Okay, I’ve been looking for two months time-

Eon: Yep.

Wing: … and what I want is … some measurement is 680 square meter-

Eon: Yep, yep.

Wing: Yeah, of course, yes, 700, 750 is very good. And what I’m looking, the land is like a rectangular shape.

Eon: Yep.

Wing: Yeah I don’t want different kind of the shape, because it’s difficult to construct, yeah?

Eon: Yeah to build on. So you’re looking for a good size block for development purposes on a regular shape, that’s on 680-

Wing: We’re doing the side by side, yeah we’re doing the side by side townhouse. And what I’m looking for, the minimum width of the frontage is 15.5 meters, and of course 16 meters would be perfect.

Eon: Yeah.

Wing: And the length, just maybe 48 or 50, something like that because if you have 700 divided by 15 or something, so you will get the length.

Eon: Yeah, about that, yeah.

Wing: Yeah but I what I want … I really want the rectangular shape and also the budget. Yeah, yeah the budget is $1,200,000 to $1,300,000.

Eon: Yeah. Okay, cool. Now also, you mentioned to me the areas that you prefer to buy and over looking in Bentleigh East, we don’t have a need of the McKinnon school zone, but you mentioned-

Wing: Yeah because my budget, I can’t buy. I know that. Yeah I can’t buy in the McKinnon school zone. Yes so, based on my budget, yeah so I’m look for the Bentleigh East. Not Bentleigh, but Bentleigh is maybe another ten, fifteen percent more. I know.

Eon: Yeah.

Wing: That’s why the budget does not allow … of course if you can find something which is in Bentleigh for that give me a call straight away. You know what I mean.

Eon: Yeah I know. I’ve got a lot of people that would want me to call them straight away if I had something in Bentleigh at that price but unfortunately it is still definitely a seller’s market, so it’s going to be hard for you to find something in that area, in that range. But in Bentleigh East, and you mentioned between sort of Center and North Road, your budget is quite reasonable. And what I’ll do is, I’ll see what I might be able to find on your behalf, see if there are any, if there are people out there that might think about selling.

Wing: Yeah because I want to save my time a bit more and also sometimes, being on my own, it’s a bit difficult. You know? Yeah, you know what I mean, right?

Eon: Yeah I know what you mean. I know what you mean.

Wing: Yeah.

Eon: Alright, well leave it with me. Let me see what I might be able to find out in that pocket for you. Anyone that does contact me as a result of the letter that I’m going to be sending out, I’ll mention to you, with their permission, and let’s see if we can find something for you.

Wing: Okay, thank you.

Eon: We’ll stay in contact. Thanks Wing.