Are you selling in Knoxfield, Wantirna South and Rowville areas? Please help William buy…


Kate Eriksson: Hi William, it’s Kate Eriksson from TG Newton Real Estate. How are you?

William: Fabulous.

Kate Eriksson: That’s good. We just had a discussion earlier. You’re looking for a property in the Knoxfield, Wantirna South or Rowville area, is that correct?

William: Yes.

Kate Eriksson: Yeah? How many bedrooms would you be after?

William: Three, maximum four.

Kate Eriksson: Three, maximum four.

William: With two bathroom and two toilets as well as two lock-up garage, preferably.

Kate Eriksson: Okay, and what sort of size block were you after?

William: Probably from 400sqms to 600sqms.

Kate Eriksson: Okay. Now you’re happy for me to send a letter out to prospective homes to see if I can help you find the home that you’d like to purchase?

William: Yes, preferably it will be a house and in a what do you call … a quiet suburb

Kate Eriksson: Okay, so a quiet areas, perhaps a Court or a Close?

William: Not next to the main road.

Kate Eriksson: No mains road, okay.

William: Single storey preferred, yeah single storey.

Kate Eriksson: Single storey and what about Body Corporate? Would you prefer without any Body Corporate?

William: I would prefer a house so it doesn’t … Body Corporate.

Kate Eriksson: But you’d be happy if there was two on a block but they were on their own title without …?

William: If I look at it.

Kate Eriksson: Okay, great.

Kate Eriksson: All right, well thank you William. Hopefully we’ll be able to help you and I’ll talk to you soon.

William: Yeah okay.

Kate Eriksson: Okay, thank you. Goodbye.