Are you selling in Ringwood, Blackburn and Mitcham areas? Please click the play button below and let us help Wayne buy.


Wayne: Hello this is Wayne speaking.

Senan: G’day Wayne, it’s Senan again, how you doing?

Wayne: Hi. Good, thanks.

Senan: That’s good. Also, just to let you know this phone call is recorded.

Wayne: Yep. Yeah.

Senan: I just wanted to see if you can tell me what you’re looking for in Ringwood.

Wayne: We’re looking for a house, three bedrooms, preferably two bathrooms and we’re looking, not just in Ringwood, but Blackburn and Mitcham as well.

Senan: Yep, so around these suburbs?

Wayne: Yeah.

Senan: So the main thing is, three bedroom. You want something comfortable and location is a very key for these three suburbs, are key suburbs for you.

Wayne: Yeah and good proximity to a train station as well.

Senan: All right. One more thing, as I told you before, this is gonna be going on our website, accompanying the link in that letter, so if somebody really wanted to see that there’s a genuine buyer out there, they can click on that link and listen to this. Do you think you can consent to do that?

Wayne: Yes.

Senan: Beautiful. All right. Well, that’s all we need to do. I’ll send out those letters and hopefully we can find you a new home.

Wayne: Okay.

Senan: Beautiful.

Wayne: Sounds good.

Senan: Thanks a lot, Wayne.

Wayne: Thanks. Bye.

Senan: Bye.