Warning to Home Sellers

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Follow our Golden Rule for Selling in 2020

by Neil Jenman


Although most home sellers under-sell their homes, it doesn’t have to happen to you. If you follow the Jenman Golden Rule for Selling in 2020, you’ll be headed for three huge benefits most sellers never receive.

First, you’ll almost certainly get a far better price for your home. Second, you’ll save hundreds, more likely thousands, of dollars in needless expenses and, thirdly, you’ll have no risk of losing should you decide not to sell.

This is the way real estate should be – focused upon what’s best for you, the consumer, instead of what’s best for the agent. Sadly, this rarely happens. Most sellers are mercilessly exploited by typical real estate systems. Many never realise how much they get fleeced.

Even agents who try to be ethical, struggle to be so when they are forced to use systems that benefit agents not sellers.

And please agents, no matter how much abuse you hurl, all our claims about the bad conduct in real estate and how most homes are under-sold are well-proven. We have done the research. We know what goes on and we ask you, if you have any conscience, to focus on cleaning up your industry not covering up what goes on or abusing those who tell good consumers how to beat your bad systems.

People work hard to save a deposit and pay off a home loan. For decades, many are slaves to lenders. By the time they pay off their homes, homeowners may have forked out hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest costs.

Then, to make things horribly worse, when they come to sell, most homeowners under-sell their homes by fifty thousand dollars or more – and that’s just on average. Some sellers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars because they don’t understand how to get the best price. Most agents don’t care what price sellers get for their homes. All they care about is a sale – at any price. Whether sellers get a big price or a small price, agents usually get a big commission.

There are three main reasons home sellers under sell their homes: First, they don’t know the best way to get the best price; lack of knowledge costs them dearly.  Second, they fall into the trap of believing agents; by the time they realise that agents work for agents not for sellers, it’s usually too late, they are stuck with an agent who’s bombarding them with negative feedback and “lowballing” them with offers thousands of dollars below what they expected.


It’s time to give all decent home sellers what they deserve: Fair and ethical treatment. Sellers deserve an agent who’s skilled enough to sell their home for the highest price and honest enough not to burden them with thousands of dollars in needless costs.

This is what I, Neil Jenman and my team at Jenman Support, strive to get for home sellers.

We help you find the best agent to sell your home (we often grill many agents for you) – but it doesn’t stop there. Once we find the best agent, we support you and make sure the agent does what’s best for you – right up until your home is sold for the best possible price.

The third reason home sellers under-sell their homes is that they do not have a trusted friend in the business. They do not have someone experienced enough to make sure that, instead of the sellers being forced to sell for a lower price, the market is forced to pay the highest price. They do not have Jenman Support, the best real estate support in the country. They can get a higher price with lower stress.

I have spent my working life in the real estate industry – from owning my own real estate office (with 100% client satisfaction) to teaching thousands of agents how to improve profits by improving client service, to now, devoting most of my working life to helping as many home sellers (and buyers) as possible. I have written several books which show consumers how to get the best result in the dark and deceitful world of real estate.

To start the year of 2020, here is my new Golden Rule for Sellers. Before you sell your home, contact us at Jenman Support. We will be that friend you need, the person who protects you from being exploited and, worst of all, from selling your home too low. In most cases, our service is completely free for consumers. It costs you nothing to be tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) better off.

If you’re like most homeowners, your home is probably your biggest asset. Don’t lose money because you lack experience. Use our experience and our support – as thousands of home sellers have done and will do – and get the best result when you sell your valuable home.

So, to repeat: My Golden Rule for 2020 – and beyond is this: When you even think of selling your home, call Jenman Support BEFORE you do anything.

It’s a free call 1800 1800 18 and you’ll speak with real people. Or go to www.jenman.com.au.

Happy Real Estate New Year to you. I’m sure it will be much happier with our support.