Sarah Boccari | Property Manager
Sarah Boccari

Sarah Boccari has recently stepped up to the role of Senior Property Manager, BDM and leasing consultant after proving her great work ethic and time managing skills whilst she was a property management assistant.

Sarah loves to keep herself active & loves a challenge; she enjoys going to the gym, teaching her primary/secondary school students dancing & meeting people. Dancing at a high professional level most of her life, this has taught Sarah self discipline, persistence, commitment and dedication.

Sarah believes that the partnership between a property manager and a client cannot exist without clear communication and prides herself in offering supreme customer service to her clients.

She is an asset to the company as a leasing consultant as well as her love of going “above and beyond” for her clients are proven in her results.

Sarah’s keen eye for detail, her bubbly personality and whole-hearted approach sets her apart from the rest.