Are you selling in Mount Waverley? Please help Suren buy…

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Suren: Hello?

Tony: Hello Suren?

Suren: Yes.

Tony: It’s Tony from Newton Real Estate. How are you?

Suren: I’m good Tony. How are ya?

Tony: Very well, thank you. Just giving you a call in relation to the enquiry you made about looking to buy.

Suren: Yep.

Tony: So I just wanted to ask you a quick couple of questions. You were looking to buy in the Mount Waverley zone is it?

Suren: Yes, Mount Waverley, correct.

Tony: Now were there any specific areas?

Suren: Within the school zone, Mount Waverley Secondary School.

Tony: Okay, excellent, and what sort of home are you looking for, is it a unit or a family home?

Suren: It is a family home. We’re looking for a family home, four bedroom.

Tony: Yep.

Suren: Minimum four bedroom, that I am looking for.

Tony: Fantastic, okay, and you’re in a position that should the right property come along, you’re in a position to buy now?

Suren: Yes, yes.

Tony: Okay, great, fantastic. Okay, well I appreciate that. As I said that will give us a bit of an idea as to being able to go find, speak to some people that may be looking to sell in the near future.

Suren: Good, fantastic. I’ll look forward for hear from you.

Tony: Thanks Suren.

Suren: See ya, bye.