Stress Free Selling

Hilary and Alex spoke to three agents before getting their home sold. None of them seemed to met their expectations. When they met Tony, they were amazed with how he operates. The process appealed to them and felt it was genuine like it has a lot of integrity. Indeed, they were pleased with the results and met their expectations. Thank you for sharing your story, so that other home owners can make the best choice when it is time to sell.

My name is Hilary. Our property is in Hawthorn. The agent who did a fantastic job at helping us find a buyer is Tony Dimopoulos from TG Newton Real Estate.

I spoke to three other agents before I interviewed Tony. One of the reasons why we went with Tony because when we bought the property because he did not elicit any more money out of me. I could’ve actually spent more money on the property but the agent didn’t really negotiate the highest price out of me when I bought this property. We were prepared to pay $25,000 more for this property. That was one of the reasons why after having a conversation with Tony I thought, “Yeah, that’s a really valid reason for going with Tony.”

When you’re buying the property, you want to buy at the lowest price you can and the agents seem to work that way and certainly didn’t put in much effort to get a higher price. We were certainly really excited by a process where the sale price was very genuine and realistic and that was bringing people in to look at the property who already knew what the expected sales price was and they already had a good understanding of what we’re expecting to achieve in the sale price and so they weren’t going to be disheartened or disillusioned or put off by something that wasn’t realistic.

When the property was displayed to the marketplace, the price was a fixed price at $990,000. To go up from there by 50,000 was amazing. We got a better outcome than what we had hoped for.

Other fantastic thing about this process was that we only had to get our house ready for an open house twice. With four children living in this house, getting the house prepared for people to come through is quite stressful, so knowing that we were only getting the house prepared when there were genuine interested buyers was fantastic. We only had to do that twice. Potential buyers came through, and Tony kept me up to date with how many people were coming through. Over different dates we had five parties come through. The end result was we were only made one offer. Tony only presented us one offer, and that’s all we needed because it was beyond our expectations and we were very pleased with the outcome.

Tony did his job to the best ability. What he had told me before we decided to go with Tony, one of the things he had mentioned to me was that they do a lot of work in negotiating the best sale price with interested parties. When Tony told us the sale price, the first thing I thought was, “Tony has done his job really well.”

We were happy to pay a higher fee to have Tony sell the property with TG Newton because we knew that we were going to get the kind of service that we wanted, and we just thought the process just had so much more integrity to it. I also just really liked the idea that we weren’t going to be on a four- or six-week auction campaign and have the house open for inspection every weekend. The people moving in are delighted with the property, we’re delighted with the sale price, and Tony’s done a great job so he’s going to be rewarded well too.

Just has a good feeling about it. When I’ve heard of other people who are interested in selling their property around here, my response is always, ” I’ve only ever sold one property, but this process has been fantastic. It’s been so easy and it sold really quickly. I have said to other people, “I’m really excited about what Tony can offer to this area. If he gets more clients in this area, I think it’ll make a really big difference to people selling and buying around here.” I wouldn’t be put off at all by the fact that he hasn’t sold many properties around here because he listened to us about what was appealing about the area as well, and so took that on board when selling the property and approaching interested people.

One of the things that we knew about this area is that we loved this area. We knew that if other people wanted to live in this area. They didn’t need somebody to sell the area to them. This area sells itself. They just needed someone to work with to negotiate the price of buying into the area.

If we’d gone down the typical road and we were on a campaign towards an auction, every weekend would be a nightmare for me, getting the kids and the dog out of the house. Alex and I, my husband and I, would be setting the house up every weekend to have potentially no one come through, or hordes of people come through who aren’t actually realistically interested. Potentially it would’ve been very stressful. I just can’t get over how stress-free the whole process has been. It’s been fantastic.

I don’t think we would’ve got the same result if we’d used another agent because in particular going to auction, people are never going to offer the highest price they want unless someone else is pushing them to that higher price, and you can’t always guarantee that you’re going to have that other person doing that. We didn’t have that when we bought. There was no one else at the auction, so we were not pushed to our limit.