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Eon: My name is Eon from TG Newton Real Estate and here speaking with Serge. Is that right Serge?

Serge: That’s correct.

Eon: Serge has asked me to find property for him around the Oakleigh area and he has some pretty specific areas he’s hoping to buy. Serge, if you could just say the areas that you are looking and what sort of things you are looking for in that area?

Serge: Sure. Suppose my sort of favorite pocket there in Oakleigh is somewhere between Atherton Road and the Princess Highway or Dandenong Road. I particularly like all of those sort of streets around there and we are looking to find a block or a piece of land big enough to potentially build a family home or something along that nature. And even the other side of Atherton Road down towards North Road is okay as well but my preference is that north side of Atherton Road.

Eon: Yes, cool. What is about that area that attracts you particularly?

Serge: I think it’s got some nice tree lined streets and it’s just has a bit of a nice village feel as well and being close to shops and to main roads I think it’s got a lot of going on for it.

Eon: Yes, cool. So your plan is to move into the area and stay there long term?

Serge: Absolutely, my kids currently go to Sacred Heart School and all our friends all live in Oakleigh and we live nearby but we are pretty keen to move right into  the area.

Eon: Yes, cool. And obviously for you, land is preferable something that you can build,something that’s suitable for you, something’s going to be long term and comfortable for you and your family.

Serge: Yes, we don’t anticipate moving again after this but look, ideally, just an old period home that’s sort of falls within our budget and it’s fairly well renovated or has a lot of potential to renovate that’s an option but we probably prefer looking at something new and we currently are in a old period home. We just want a change and something fresh and new.

Eon: Yes, cool. In relation to budget, from what you said to me, you’d pay a reasonable price for any property within that little pocket.

Serge: Absolutely. We are looking to pay that fair amount.

Eon: Okay, cool. I appreciate your time chatting with me Serge and I will now put some letters and see what I can find on your behalf.

Serge: Okay, great. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Eon: All right. Thank you Serge.