Selling with TG Newton

Jeanette made some small renovations before selling her house with TG Newton Real Estate. and she sold for $40,000 over her bank valuation. Read the full story below of how Katie from TG Newton Real Estate helped Jeanette organise and plan her renovations so that she got the best price possible at the time of sale.

Jeanette: My name is Jeanette. The agency that sold our property was TG Newton Real Estate in Oakleigh. The name of the agent that sold our property was Katie.

We actually interviewed one other agent before Katie but we felt that Katie just gave us that excitement about selling that we hadn’t had with the other agent. It’s really nerve wrecking. You’re really worried and stressed thinking, “How’s this all going to come together? How’s it going to happen?” and that’s where Katie really put us at ease and gave us a lot of ideas about what we can do with the property to just bring up the value a little bit or to make it look a little bit nicer, more presentable.

We did these things and we were only able to do them and in the time that we needed to because Katie had actually said that they could offer the money forward first to be able to help us to do it. So we wouldn’t have to come up with that money ourselves and then it would come off the cost of the sale which was just like a saving grace for us.

People don’t always realise how the little things matter and the little things can bring up the value in your property.

We were valued at around about $760,000 – $780,000 with the bank but this is before we had done any of our tiny, little renovations. And I think that putting those little things in really brought up that value to what our selling price was for. We ending up selling for $817,000 which was great.

Yeah, we ended up selling for 817,800 which was a great price for us. We were so happy with that. And we think it’s the little things that we did that. Just to make it presentable, to make it look finished. And that was what we wanted. We wanted a finished look, as opposed to when it was valued before all the things were done. I think it’s brought up the value about $40,000 or so. Which is great.

Getting that extra money, it means everything to us because we really needed to get a certain amount to be able to buy where we wanted, how we wanted and all that sort of thing. So that was really, really important to us so we were really, really happy with that.

We put the house on the market and the advertised price was $799,000. Within the first few days we were worried initially, thinking, “What are the buyers thinking? Are they thinking that the asking price, that they were to offer under or over?” Most of the advertisements in the paper or wherever or online, they’re usually asking the price plus. So we were hoping that people were going to see it that way and give us an offer above that and that’s exactly what happened and we got above our asking price, which was amazing. That’s just incredible and we were super, super happy and relieved.

We were aware that the fee was slightly higher than others but to us, totally worth it because the service we received from Katie was above and beyond what we could ever expect.

Even the idea of having the inspections by appointment, really suited us and worked for us, because we didn’t like the idea of open inspections and heaps of people trailing through our home when they may not even be serious or potential buyers. Where I remember Katie explaining that having appointments is a better way of qualifying buyers, which is really, really good news to us because we knew that whoever was to come and have a look at the property was a qualified buyer. And that gave us a lot of ease and relief, knowing that they are qualified and not just people that just want to have a little sticky peek.

We see a house open for inspection down the road, “Oh, let’s just go and have a look.” It doesn’t mean that you’re in a place to, ready to buy or, might be just having a look, just out of curiosity. And it’s not what we were after, so that was one of the other main things that why we chose Katie also.Explaining that to us, and the difference between all the others.

Jeanette: I absolutely feel that it definitely makes a huge difference knowing what the buyers expectations are, what their price range is, knowing who you’re bringing into the home, which is what Katie had done for us.

We trusted and believed that it would bring people that knew what their budget was. So we were quite confident in that, knowing that whoever does come through, that our property is within their budget and even the asking price or above, and that was a great feeling too.