Sell Your Property The Pain Free Way [CASE STUDY]

If you want to sell your property, and the thought is enough to make your skin crawl – well, you’re not alone…

When it came time for Courtney and Jason (and their two boys) to upsize their family home the thought of selling their current property was not appealing. Especially, not if they did it the typical way – with an expensive and intrusive four week auction campaign.

Before you call an agent to sell your property the typical way listen Courtney and Jason’s story


Listen to the interview or read the transcript below:

pain free way to sell your property imageCourtney: We sold at 13 Ashwood Avenue in Highett. Private sale was a method we felt was best suited to us. We’ve been to a lot of auctions and we’ve seen them passed in. One thing about auctions that didn’t really suit us was constant open-for-inspections scheduled over many weeks. As parents of two busy children, we just could not find merit in having a schedule of opens twice a week over four weeks.

We spoke to two local agents and they just came in with a rather stock standard format in which to auction our property. Not a lot of thought really went into it. So we felt that TG Newton offered more of a tailored package.

I decided not to go with both of the local agents due to the schedule of fees that were laid out in front of us purely for advertising.

One thing that got us with TG Newton, in a very positive way, was the no-sale no-fee clause. And the advertising costs were absorbed by TG Newton, so that was a real catch point for us.

Jason: Originally, going with an outside agent did play a part in my decision. I was a little concerned with them knowing or not knowing the detail of the area that we live in, the other places being for sale, but in talking with Kathy we felt very relaxed about her approach.

Courtney: Real estate can be sold anywhere and you didn’t have to be a local agent to sell your property. The buyers are looking online.

Jason: With the other agents we were just another number.

Courtney: We went to bed at night knowing that she was looking after us. We felt security in that, and the results speak for themselves.

So, how long did it take to sell your property?

Jason: The property was on the market for, I’d say when met Kathy on a Tuesday–

Courtney: Kathy presented to us on a Tuesday, It was online by Friday afternoon.

Jason: That’s it.

Courtney: The following Thursday we had our first inspection, and by Friday night we had our first written offer. The next day another six groups came through, and we eventually accepted the offer of the first viewer.

Voiceover: Yeah right, so how long was that?

Courtney: Really, a week and a half. A four week auction campaign at twice-weekly inspections, no thank you.

We just did not want the tire-kickers through and all the neighbours that we see up at the supermarket. That just wasn’t for us.

Knowing that there was a no-sale no-fee, we had nothing to lose, and really at the end of the day we felt comfortable that we could just withdraw the property – I felt confident in Kathy’s negotiation skills, that she was extracting the highest amount, because she knew that I was going to withdraw it if it was less than $1,200,000. I wasn’t a buyer (seller) in a desperate situation to sell, where I would have sold regardless, so to get it on your line we made it the $1,200,000.

Jason: And that’s because it was what we wanted. That was our target, and we got it.

Courtney: We felt really safe in Kathy’s negotiation skills. We knew she wasn’t an agent that was going to attract a certain amount of buyers, have them in, sign the deal when it got to “reserve.”

We knew that she was going to fight nail and tooth to get that dollar out of that buyer, and she did.

We know if we went with a local agent that we probably would not have got the dollar amount that we did. I don’t feel that they would have pushed the buyer as hard as what Kathy did. With the process being done and dusted within a week and a half, as opposed to a four-week outright auction campaign, so two inspections over four weeks is eight opens. I would have had to clean fastidiously, make beds, get children babysat, completely turn our life upside down. We just don’t have the time to do that. Jason owns his own business, so he’s working several days, over the weekends, around the clock. We just didn’t have the luxury of a Wednesday and Saturday timetable (for four weeks). The open-for-inspections wouldn’t suit us, and (with TG Newton) it only ended up being two, a Thursday and a Saturday, and the deal was done.