Sell for More, Buy for Less

Selling a home has always been a draining experience for Avigail. This time she wanted to try something different. Avigail didn’t want the stress of public open home inspections and a fixed auction day. She met Eon from TG Newton & Co. in Oakleigh and was so impressed with their method of selling that she wanted to share her story for the rest of the world to see. Eon not only sold her home for a record price on the street [without an auction or open home inspections] he also helped her buy her next home at auction and got her new home for $29,000 less than she was expecting. Thank you for sharing your story Avigail so others can make the best choice when it comes time to selling their home.


Read extended transcript below.

I’ve had a lot of painful and draining experiences in selling and buying places and never got  the price I wanted. But then I heard about Eon and I thought, “Well, if I don’t have to pay anything because that’s what I was told, I’ll call him. He came to me and it was very clear and he explained to me that I don’t need to pay anything unless I’m selling and happy and that’s when I decided to hire them, and I was actually really speechless.

Eon would give me time, would ask me if it suits me and people came separately, like each family by itself. I like this private inspection, that it’s not everyone is coming. I like the fact that my agent has the time to discuss with a buyer that comes here on one-on-one. When I was a buyer and I used to go for inspection, the agent didn’t have time to talk to me and when you pay so much money, you want the agent to be there to answer your question and I assumed that Eon would have this time with each family to explain and that’s what’s needed.

I think it’s a combination of not having an auction and open house and obviously Eon himself is really a great agent, so the work that he did for me is unbelievable.

Before I decided on the price, I’m on since I came to Australia. I was searching what’s sold and for how much in the area so I do have a good idea of what this house is worth.

The following few days after the next door house which is double the size and amazing quality, it was sold almost for the same price of this one, so that says it all.

I was happy to pay Eon , even though it was higher commission, because I could trust him 100% every word he was saying to me. He didn’t tell me stories and he was really to the point. If it’s the price, if it’s the process, everything that he told me was, for the first time that I’m dealing with real estate, it was so honest and so truthful that it was worth for me to pay a higher commission than to pay lower commission that eventually comes to much higher in the total price. I got really a very good price that I was very happy also, shows how Eon did an amazing job.

It’s worth more than every penny and worth a lot. I really recommend Eon for people. After being in this painless, comfortable, easy two weeks process and my house was sold, I can really highly recommend Eon to everyone.

What Eon did for me, not only selling my house for such an amazing price, but he also helped me buy my next property, which I was really worried about the auction process. Even though he had an appointment at this hour and at this time that the auction was starting, Eon made himself available for me and he came to the auction.

He came before the auction for an hour to explain to me, to ask me the questions, to know exactly what to understand and what he needs to do, it was amazing. He bid for me. Nobody even knew that I’m buying the place. Eon was standing there and he bid for me and he go to the place for me. It’s the first time that I wasn’t stressed in my own auction.

I gave him an authority to bid for me, up to $780,000 and he got the place for me for $751,000 so that’s also a big saving. By him knowing how to do it and stand there and bid and win, he saved me money also.