Are you Selling in Monash University area? Please help Ray buy.


Scott: Hi Ray. Can you tell us a little bit more as to what you’re looking for exactly in a property at the moment?

Ray: Yes, at the moment just looking for a small development site, so like preferably on a corner. Within close range to Monash Uni, around that sort of pocket there.

Scott: Sure, sure. And what would your maximum budget be for the ideal property in this area, mate?

Ray: Yeah, for myself, I’d probably looking at around that $1,300,000 mark.

Scott: Yeah. And for the perfect property, what can you stretch to?

Ray: I can probably stretch a little bit more, but unfortunately that’d be close to my budget.

Scott: Sure. All right. No worries at all, Ray. Thank you very much. Once we find the right property, we’ll let you know.

Ray: Sure. Thank you.