Get MORE With Off Market Transactions

John & Potter had an amazing experience selling their home with TG Newton Real Estate. They sold for an amazing price without any of the hassle of going on the market. There were no open for inspections and and in their words it was ‘seamless’.

The house was purchased by one of TG Newton’s bank of loyal buyers. If you would like to sell your home using the same method please click this link to tell us about your property.

John: My name is John.

Potter:  And I’m Potter.

We weren’t sure about hundreds of people coming through our house

John: We sold our home in Murrumbeena with TG Newton. We’ve seen a lot of agents and we’ve spoken to several agents. We weren’t sure about the open for inspection, and hundreds of people coming through the house, opening it up for your neighbours mostly. We thought that we needed something a little bit different, and the house is a little bit different. We chose TG Newton.

Potter: The reason why we liked TG Newton is it was more personalised. Having sold some properties in the past, feeling like we’re sort of part of the mass market or having I suppose false promises made by agents in the past hasn’t quite worked for us, because it just feels like it goes against how we operate and how we like to do things.

John: What was most important for us was that the house was not open for everyone to walk through. It was listed privately so we knew that we were going to get someone that was really interested in buying the house, and not just sight seers.

That was the approach that we thought would work for us. In the end, he delivered on the promise I suppose.

John: Eon gave us a great idea of where he thought the market was at. We were quite comfortable with that. We ended up achieving absolutely what we were expecting and Eon made it very easy for us.

Potter: What we loved about the whole experience is that Eon knew there was a buyer out there who’d been looking for awhile. Before we even had a chance to put it on the market officially, he just told us take a risk. Brought the buyer in, buyer ended up loving the house. We didn’t have to go through the pain.

John: We were fortunate that TG Newton had buyers on their books that were looking for properties. I’m sure that they were looking at We looked at similar websites as well, but it didn’t mean that we couldn’t sell the property. It doesn’t lock it down.

Potter: We were convinced by Eon to basically not wait until September/October which is traditionally when everyone wants to sell a house. We liked that idea and we thought why not put it on the market earlier, because we didn’t want to be part of the mass.

John: Following the lead from Eon I think was great. We had absolutely no issue about their fee. They’re quite entitled to the fee that comes with it. I think it’s well worth our investment, and I don’t think we would have been able to make the sale without the commitment from TG Newton.

Potter: The outcome was exactly what we wanted. It was pain-free, seamless, everything that we wanted to get out of our real estate agent. The fee was just part of the package. We didn’t even worry about it.

His honest up-front saying, “Look if you’re not happy, you don’t have to pay anything.” We thought that was actually a really nice approach, because he was really honest in saying I don’t expect you to pay for a service you’re not happy with.

John: At the end of that conversation I think we were convinced that TG Newton was the right agent. The hardest part was going to be the negotiation with the buyer or finding the right buyer. For us, that was quite seamless.

Potter: As far as us comparing our home to others in the area, there weren’t many three bedroom that had been renovated the same way; California bungalow, art deco style. Lots of four bedroom homes, unrenovated and renovated.

John: We were probably at the highest end of where we believe this house could possibly go without disrespect to the buyers because as sellers we think we got fair value.

We had a fair idea and we got to the top end of where our idea of the price should be. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable asking for any more than what we asked for. I think that we were probably positioned in the right spot.

Potter: We basically didn’t have to argue too much. We came to an agreement very quickly, so we weren’t told we were crazy and we didn’t tell Eon he was crazy.

Potter: John and I didn’t agree initially on the price. He was 1.4, and I was saying no we can get 1.6 for this house, don’t undersell it.

Interviewer: What did it end up going for again?

Potter: 1.65, so it was above our expectations. It was fantastic. A good result, and no negotiations required.

Eon made it very clear to the buyers that we are not on the market yet, so if you want it you need to basically pay the asking price and we agreed on to go a little bit higher.. The buyers loved it, agreed to that. End of story.