Are you selling in Oakleigh? Please help Ngoc buy…

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Ngoc: Yes, hello?

Tony: Hello, Ngoc? It’s Tony, at TG Newton. How are you?

Ngoc: I’m good, thanks.

Tony: That’s good. Just following on from our chat before, just wanted to confirm that we’re looking to buy in the Oakleigh area?

Ngoc: Yes.

Tony: Close to Sacred Heart, on Warrigal Road.

Ngoc: Yes.

Tony: You’re looking for either a three or four bedroom property?

Ngoc: Yes.

Tony: And you have a very strong budget.

Ngoc: Yes.

Tony: And that you’re ready to buy now?

Ngoc: Yes.

Tony: Excellent. Is there anything else that you would be looking for? Or is it just mainly close to the school, was a main feature, right now?

Ngoc: Yes, mainly the school.

Tony: Okay. Fantastic.

Ngoc: Yeah.

Tony: All right, well, I appreciate your time, and we’ll get started, and see if we can find that property for you.

Ngoc: Yeah, okay.

Tony: All right. Thanks, Ngoc.

Ngoc: Okay, thanks.

Tony: Bye, for now.

Ngoc: Okay. Bye, bye.