Are you selling in Rowville, Mulgrave, Glen Waverley and Mount Waverley areas? Please help Mr. Sutaria buy…


Mr. Sutaria: (name) here.

Josh: Hi, it’s Josh from Newton’s Real Estate again, how are you going?

Mr. Sutaria: Hey, I’m good Josh. How are you?

Josh: Yeah, good… good. Just giving you a quick call about what we spoke about earlier, so I just wanted to quickly go over what you were looking for.

Mr. Sutaria: Yep. So what we are looking for is like, a house, we need a townhouse somewhere between Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Rowville, Mulgrave, doesn’t really matter.

Josh: Yep.

Mr. Sutaria: But three bedrooms a minimum and two bathrooms preferred.

Josh: Yep.

Josh: If you’re looking say in Rowville or Mulgrave, you would consider more of a house or something of three bedrooms-

Mr. Sutaria: That’s correct.

Josh: But in Glen Waverley or Mount Waverley, you’d be more likely to consider a townhouse as long as it has three bedrooms?

Mr. Sutaria: Definitely, that’s correct.

Josh: Perfect. And what was your price range?

Mr. Sutaria: Between eight and nine.

Josh: Between eight and nine, and if you found the perfect property, you could probably stretch it a little bit more depending on what it is?

Mr. Sutaria: Yeah, it all depends, though.

Josh: Yes of course. Perfect. What I’ll do now that we’ve done the recording, as I told you earlier, we’ll send out some letters, we’ll start with the Rowville area and Mulgrave, and see if we can find you a house, and then in the meantime we’ll look in Mount Waverley and Glen Waverley as well.

Mr. Sutaria: That would be awesome.

Josh: All right, enjoy your day. And I’ll get back in contact with you when we find something.

Mr. Sutaria: No worries, thanks so much. Bye.

Josh: Bye.