Mistake 9 – An Agent Who Treats Buyers Badly

AGENTS WHO TREAT BUYERS BADLY WILL ALSO TREAT SELLERS BADLY. If you have ever tried to buy a home you will know exactly what this means. Buyers like to deal with agents who will listen to them. But thousands of buyers complain at the lack of courtesy from agents – especially when it comes to returning phone calls or keeping in touch. Many agents advertise constantly rather than keeping in touch with buyers who enquire to their offices. This is inefficient, incompetent and lazy. Agents often tell sellers that they have to “find a buyer”. But this makes almost no sense. If the agent is efficient the agent should already know who is looking to buy because all buyers come in to an area before they buy. It’s obvious, but most of us don’t think about it like that. If the agent does not treat buyers well, it means the agent is losing the people you need. Stay away from such agents.


Your Solution…


Just as buyers go to agents and say, “What homes do you have?”, you, as a seller, should say to an agent, “What buyers do you have?” The best agents keep in contact with buyers and they keep accurate records. They know who is buying, what they are looking for and how much they can pay. They treat buyers with respect and courtesy. This means that the best and most efficient agents have immediate access to the best buyers. Don’t judge agents by their advertisements, judge them on how they treat buyers.

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