Mistake 8 – Advertising & LOWER Prices

THOUSANDS OF SELLERS DO NOT REALISE HOW AGENTS USE ADVERTISING TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES. And very few sellers realise how advertising damages the value of their homes. Typical real estate advertising often gets lower prices. It is a ‘conditioning weapon’ to convince you to lower your price. The more a home is advertised and the longer it remains unsold, the easier it is to persuade you to lower your price. When buyers see a home advertised week after week, they wonder what is wrong with it. It can easily become known as a lemon. And lemons get lower prices. Agents say that advertising attracts buyers. But almost all buyers never buy the homes they first called about and even those who do, would still have bought the homes. Buyers do not buy because of advertising. They buy because they like the homes. If advertising really was the cause of selling your home, why would you need an agent? You could put ads in the paper yourself and save thousands in commission. Agents may say your home needs lots of “exposure”. But exposure is like sunburn. The more you expose your home with typical real estate advertising, the more you burn your price. Many agents who have stopped typical real estate advertising havesaved sellers thousands of dollars and achieved better prices.

Your Solution…


YOU ARE THE SELLER OF A HOME, NOT THE BUYER OF ADVERTISING. If the agent can’t show you how to sell your home without damaging its value through typical advertising, choose another agent. The best agents protect the value of your home. They know how to attract buyers who pay the best prices.

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