Mistake 6 – The Advance Fee Scam

IT IS A BIG MISTAKE TO PAY ANY MONEY IN ADVANCE. Many sellers hand over thousands of dollars and lose their money. Consumer advocates call this the ‘Advance Fee Scam’. In real estate, it is called “up-front” money. The excuse is advertising, which involves some of the worst traps for sellers. It is a very easy mistake to make. It is also very easy to avoid.

Your Solution…


DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY IN ADVANCE FOR ANY REASON. Many sellers are now waking up to this mistake. They say to agents, “We will only pay you if our home is sold and we are satisfied. If not, we pay nothing.” Also, don’t sign anything which requires you to pay any money if your home is not sold. You should only pay the agent after your home has been sold and you have received the price and the service you were promised. No excuses. No exceptions.


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