Mistake 5 – Signing-up For Too Long

THOUSANDS OF SELLERS GET CAUGHT WITH THE WRONG AGENTS. If you sign a ‘standard’ real estate agreement, and, later, you are not happy with the agent, it is very hard to get out. Once you sign-up you are ‘locked-up’ for the time period you signed. This is one of the most frustrating mistakes made by home-sellers.

Your Solution…


DON’T SIGN ANYTHING WHICH LOCKS YOU UP for a long time. Consumer advocates recommend short time periods. In Queensland, 60 days is the maximum time allowed by law. But even that may be too long because the longer the agent has your home, the more chance that you will be pressured to lower your price. The maximum time should be 7 weeks (49 days). Many sellers only give an agent 30 days to start with. If you are happy, you can extend the time later. Be careful. Keep control. Insist on a short selling agreement.

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