Mistake 18 – Failing to Complain

EACH YEAR, THOUSANDS OF HOME-SELLERS ARE HURT – both financially and emotionally by unethical agents and flawed real estate
systems. If you are not happy – you must complain. Even if you feel you will not be helped, your complaint will encourage the real estate authorities to introduce increased protection for consumers. It is the lack of willingness of many consumers to complain that allows agents to continue to hurt consumers. Your complaint will help. If you are hurt – either financially or emotionally – consider others who will be hurt too if you do nothing about it.


Your Solution…

AGENT, contact the Department of Fair Trading in your state. It is often useless to complain to the Real Estate Institutes as they represent agents not consumers. They do not give compensation for damage done by their members. They may tell you to take legal action. But few sellers can afford the expense. Many can’t be bothered hearing the standard excuses from the real estate industry. But, please, no matter how frustrating it may be, speak out. If you have suffered loss and you cannot obtain compensation, you can contact The Jenman Group and apply for assistance under the Jenman APPROVED Consumer Protection Fund. This fund will consider giving financial assistance to honest consumers who do not have the time, the knowledge or the resources to take action against dishonest agents