Mistake 17 – Presentation

DULL HOMES GET DULL PRICES. But a home which sparkles, and has the right feeling, always sells for a higher price.
Be careful what you spend on improvements to your home. What suits you may not suit every buyer. You rarely get back more than half the cost
of your improvements when you sell. Do not spend large sums on home improvement immediately prior to selling your home.
Pay attention to the little things which create a big impression.


Your Solution …

MAKE THE ATMOSPHERE NATURAL AND RELAXED, even if it means changing your living habits. Nothing turns people off more than bad smells, so be sure your home is fresh. Buyers are aware of gimmicks such as a coffee pot brewing, a cake in the oven or classical music playing softly in the background. False attempts to add appeal often have the reverse affect. Genuine appeal wins the buyers. A radio or a TV – never too loud – is a natural part of home life. Well-made beds with warm quilts, lots of pillows and the ultimate mood enhancer – the teddy bear, really make a home feel like home. Home truly is ‘where the heart is’ and anything which increases the emotional feeling of comfort is something we all love. If your agent has ‘qualified’ the buyers, they will not be ‘lookers’, they will be genuine people who can afford your asking price. Their feelings will be the main reason they accept or reject your home. The word ‘love’ is common with home-buying. Buyers say, “We loved that home and that’s why we bought it.” So, make sure you present your home at its finest. If buyers fall in love with your home, they will
pay their best price to own it.

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