Mistake 10 – A Poor Negotiator

THE MAIN REASON HOME-SELLERS LOSE MONEY IS BECAUSE SO MANY AGENTS ARE POOR NEGOTIATORS. There is a big difference between what a buyer pays for your home and what that buyer would have paid. Most agents do not know how to obtain the best market price. Just ask anyone who has bought a home what was the price they paid and what was the price they would have paid. Thousands of buyers are able to buy homes below their maximum price because so many agents are such poor negotiators. It is astounding.

Your Solution…


YOU DON’T NEED A SLICK SALESPERSON,YOU NEED A GOOD NEGOTIATOR. A good negotiator can easily mean an extra ten percent on
your selling price. To discover if an agent is a skilled negotiator, ask the agent to teach you something about negotiation. If you are not impressed with what you hear, if you do not learn something worthwhile, do not hire the agent. Insist on an agent who is a skilled negotiator.


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