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Eon: Alright. So, I am speaking with Matthew here. He is a buyer looking for a beachfront property. Would that be right Matthew?

Matthew: Yes, that’s correct.

Eon: Yes, and you have been looking for home for a while now?

Matthew: Yes, for a long time and a moment.

Eon: If you could let me know what sort of areas you are looking for that would be fantastic.

Matthew: Basically, we are looking from areas like Aspendale, Parkdale or Mentone and further down Aspendale, Parkdale and Mentone and further down if we have to on the beach side of the areas.

Eon: Okay. And what is it about those areas that make you want to move in?

Matthew: I just want to be next to the beach really.Basically.

Eon: So it’s a long term plan?

Matthew: Long term plan, exactly.

Eon: No kids at home or anything like that?

Matthew: No, I got one kid an she’d love it as well.So why not spoil her a bit.

Eon: All right. Beautiful. Now, in those areas obviously, we are looking at  the moment south of Mordialloc and west of Nepean Highway so beachfront homes around Aspendale and Edithvale and anything that might come up around Mordialloc as well.

Matthew: Yes.

Eon: Now if I find the perfect home and that’s exactly what you are looking for, what sort of price would you be looking to go up or the most that you would be willing to consider?

Matthew: Probably $2.5M.

Eon: Okay. I appreciate your time and I will draft some letters and will put in those areas for you and hopefully I can find you a new home for you to settle down and live in for the next 25 years.

Matthew: That’s fine. Thank you so much.

Eon: Thanks for your time Mate,  I do appreciate it.