Are you Selling in Mount Waverley School Zone area? Please help Marianne buy.


Tony: Hi Marianne, it’s Tony from TG Newton. How are you?

Marianne: Hi Tony good and you?

Tony: Good Thank you, As we just discussed… We are going to do a search for you properties that may not currently be on the market. I understand that the property you enquired for in Burwood East with me does not quite meet your requirements. You recently relocated in Melbourne?

Marianne: Yeah that’s right, We’ve moved out from Perth about four years ago

Tony: Yep okay, and ready to buy now? You got a strong and healthy budget ready to secure the right property for you.

Marianne: Yep, I believe so yep..

Tony: and some of the requirements you’re looking for?

Marianne: four bedrooms, two bathroom, hopefully two living areas

Tony: Yep

Marianne: a little garden for a doggy..

Tony: Wonderful and with kids in school hopefully within something in proximity of the Mount Waverley Secondary School Zone

Marianne: that would be perfect

Tony: Okay… Wonderful lets see what properties we can find for you

Marianne: that would be great! We’re definitely looking for our forever family home in Melbourne

Tony: Wonderful! Thanks Marianne

Marianne: Thanks Tony