Selling in Clarinda? Help Linda buy…

Linda: Hello

Stratos: Hi is that Linda?

Linda: Yes

Stratos: Linda its Stratos. I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions on what your looking for, hoping to find in the property market out there, so I guess for you and your partner, how long have you been looking to buy for?

Linda: We’ve been looking for just over a year

Stratos: And in that year that you’ve been looking for, what area’s have you been looking to buy in?

Linda: Oakleigh South, Clarinda, Clayton, Clayton South. Just around that area.

Stratos: All right, and those area’s have really taken your fancy?

Linda: Yep, definitely an area where we can try to start a family.

Stratos: Awesome, and are you looking for an established home in those suburbs or would you prefer to build?

Linda: Definitely something established.

Stratos: Something established, something that already there. Ok, so you’ve been looking for about a year in the Clarinda, Clayton, Clayton South, Oakleigh South, looking for something established. Are there any other special features that your’re looking for?

Linda: Look, I mean it would just be a bonus if it had a swimming pool. Its something that I’ve always wanted. Or enough room for a pool.

Stratos: No worries, enough room for a pool.

Stratos: Lastly Linda, if the right home came along in the right location and suited your needs, what sort of budget are you able to go up to?

Linda: Well, to stretch it out completely, it would be $760k for a complete home but otherwise we’re looking in the $700k region as well if it needed some renovations done to that.

Stratos: That sounds pretty logical to me, no worries at all. Ok well Linda we’ll get that search going and hopefully we can get you into a new home in the area.