Are you selling in Chadstone? Please help Lavin buy…

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Lavin: Hello?

Eon: Hi, Lavin. It’s Eon at TG Newton. How are you?

Lavin: Hi Eon, how are you? Good, thank you.

Eon: Good. Good. I thought I’d give you a quick bell just after our discussion yesterday. I’ve got the phone call recording so what I thought I’d do is just have a quick chat and cover the things that we covered yesterday about the property that you’re looking for in Chadstone. Are you able to give me a quick rundown as to what it is you’re looking for for the recording?

Lavin: Yeah, fair enough. Basically we’re looking for essentially land. First get an old house where we can do a knockdown and rebuild.

Eon: Yep.

Lavin: Depending on the block in Chadstone, might have a decent size block. Trying to see if we can get something around the 650 square mark. Not necessarily there but just basically we’ve got a house in mind that we wanna put on a block. We’re looking very on the frontage as much as we can, up to about 16 and a half, 17 meters at least. So then basically orientation I think to north or east facing, just something to tick the boxes.

Eon: Yep. Yeah, okay. And this was to build a family home for yourself and your family, wasn’t it?

Lavin: Yep. That’s it. So just to knockdown and build a family home. I know that some blocks have that single dwelling covenant and that’s fine with us because we’re just building a single house for ourselves. It’s not really building townhouses, it’s more just building our own home.

Eon: Yep, okay. The other day you mentioned a particular pocket of Chadstone. Can I get you to cover that with me again?

Lavin: Yep. So I had my eye on anywhere between Waverley Road and High Street Road. We were also looking at between Huntingdale Road and the other road, I think it was Warrigal Road.

Eon: Warrigal Road, yeah. Yeah, okay.

Lavin: So that pocket of Chadstone.

Eon: Yep. If the perfect block came up, I mean we’re talking the perfect place, perfect size, perfect dimensions, everything was perfect for you guys, what is your capacity? What would you be able to afford for that pocket? If the best perfect place came up?

Lavin: It really depends on the size of the block as well I think. We did know that we were out to spend at least around the 1 to 1.1 million mark for a good sizable block of land.

Eon: Yep. Okay, cool. You mentioned that you are looking in Chadstone. If I can ask, why of all the suburbs in the east, why Chadstone?

Lavin: I look at that particular pocket, just how it was in terms of where we could A, find something within our budget, and anywhere we could maximize and get a nice big block of land where we could put a house. Something that’s accessible. We’ve done the shopping for schools, even though it’s not really in some of the zones like Mount Waverley and Glen Waverley. We start picking more on terms of with the university and secondary schools and things like that. So that’s why we decided to find that as a pocket that’s probably very central and easy to get in and out of. It just made sense for us.

Eon: Yeah, perfect.