Are you Selling in Mulgrave area? Please help Lam buy.


Lam: Hello!

Eon: Hello Lam, it’s Eon at TG Newton Real Estate, how are you?

Lam: Yes, Good!

Eon: Good. Basically, what I am hoping to do is just discuss with you the area that you are looking for and what you’re looking for. Sorry. You mentioned to me an area in Mulgrave, where is that?

Lam: It should be around Albany Drive beyond the Wellington High School or on the opposite side section of Police(Road) or on the left and side going toward the Springvale Road or Princess Highway, the areas there.

Eon: Yes.

Lam: And also opposite to Wellington High School on the left or on the right it doesn’t matter.

Eon: You mentioned to me obviously an area bound by Springvale Road, North of Police Road, Albany Drive.

Lam: Around that area.

Eon: Yes, what is in that area that you particularly like? Why is it that area?

Lam: As I said to you my wife doesn’t drive and then if I have something for her and if I go before her,  then she can manage by herself how to get out without anybody.

Eon: What is it exactly with Mulgrave that you like?

Lam: Yes, what I like is if I can get a small block even a subdivided block I can do my own house or otherwise if you can get me like  a run down house so that I put it down and then share it to my one son because I got two sons. My first son lives in Mooroolbark, alright. I need to get close to Jackson Road. If I can’t drive my wife, then she can walk and then she can catch a bus to work.

Eon: Okay. What I’ll do for you is I will head into to that area in Mulgrave and I will see what I can find and see if I can find a new place for you to move into or build or see if I can find someone who is thinking of selling and you will be the first person to know when I find one.

Lam: Okay. Thank you for that.

Eon: I appreciate you speaking with me.