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Scott: Hi Krystal, could you please tell me what sort of property you are looking for?

Krystal: A house which is more than 500 square meters, with four bedrooms at least, and two toilets, with an additional toilet too … a possibility for a additional toilet to be built. And probably Vermont South, Wheelers Hill and any area which is along the Waverley line of Lauriston Girls’ School bus line.

Scott: Okay, perfect. So, you’re looking for a house, not a townhouse, or a unit on more than 500 square meters of land.

Krystal: Ideally, yes.

Scott: Yep, and in terms of your budget, Krystal, what is your budget?

Krystal: $1,400,000

Scott: Okay, so for the right property, you’re willing to pay up to 1.4 million dollars?

Krystal: Yep.

Scott: Okay, fantastic. Well, thank you for the chat, Krystal, and we’ll be in touch once we find an ideal home for you.

Krystal: All right. Thank you.