Ken Rattray – Landlord Investor since 1971

Hi, my name is Ken Rattray… been with TG Newton as a Landlord Investor since 1971. The team is only as good as the management that they follow and with Jim in charge and his team, I felt very comfortable.

When Newtons sold that…, I went with the new managing agent. It was fairly soon after that I realise that there was a significant difference in the attitude of the management. We’ve had 23 Investment properties over the years…all purchased through TG Newton and managed through their rental department we also bought a few residences ourselves to live in over the years and I have seen the difference between agents doing the selling that we we’re buying on the other end of the stick at the stage we we’re doing some buying and I just felt that less you look around knowing the management team of TG Newton and the sales approach the head they cared for the sellers and the care also for the buyers. I’ve said I felt they knew their product well and I think the staff and management are doing a good job. So why would you go with anywhere else.