Are you Selling in The Basin area? Please help Kade buy.

Kade is particularly interested in Claremont Avenue, Mercia Avenue, Old Forest Road and nearby streets within The Basin.

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Scott: Hi, Kade. Can you please tell us a little bit about exactly what you’re looking for?

Kade: I’m looking for a place around, I think, Mount Valley Highway, a few k’s out from the township in The Basin.

Scott: Okay.

Kade: If it had two bathrooms, it’s a bonus. If not, that’s no problem.

Kade: The size … The smaller the place can work, fine. For me, and, really after a block, that is not too steep, with a reasonably accessible driveway.

Scott: Okay.

Scott: Alright, so you need two bedrooms or three bedrooms, Kade?

Kade: Two would be ideal, three’s a bonus. But, in all honesty, I could move in if there’s just one.

Scott: Even a studio-type setup is okay?

Kade: Yeah, that’s no problem. Yeah.

Scott: Okay. And, did you also need a garage space as well?

Kade: Would be a bonus, but it’s not necessary. It’s more so the block that I’m after, with a nice tree setting, I guess.

Scott: Tree setting, gotcha.

Scott: Alright. And, what is your maximum budget, Kade, that you would like to spend for the right property?

Kade: $600,000 would be ideal.

Scott: Yep.

Kade: Maximum, for the right place, I could creep up to the high six’s, maybe close to seven, or just shy of $700,000 would … Yeah, probably be the max.

Scott: Okay.

Scott: And In terms of the settlement side of things, Kade, are you flexible there? Or, are you wanting a shorter, longer settlement?

Kade: Whatever’s easy as…

Scott: You’re flexible.

Kade: Yeah, flexible.

Scott: Gotcha. Not a problem at all, Kade.

Scott: Well, thank you very much for the chat, mate. Once we’ve found the right fellows for you, we’ll get in touch.

Kade: Alright. Cheers!

Scott: Alright. Thank you.