Jack: Hello.

Kelley: Yes. Hello, is this Jack?

Jack: Yes, speaking.

Kelley: Hi Jack! It’s Kelley from TG Newton Real Estate calling.

Jack: Yes.

Kelley: Good. Hi Jack! Just ringing Jack and we’ve chatted earlier and I just wanted to ring back and confirm that you’d like us to go and look for some properties for you?

Jack: Yes.

Kelley: That’s right. And your preferred areas would be Canterbury, Camberwell or East Hawthorn to try and find you the perfect property?

Jack: Yes.

Kelley: And you particularly like Victoria Avenue and Monomeath Avenue?

Jack: Yes.

Kelley: Yes, that’s right.So we’ll concentrate on that area for you. And in that general area, we’ll go out and talk to some people and  see if we can find some nice properties for you so that you can find the perfect property for your family.

Jack: Yes.

Kelley: Now, I understand that the reason that you’re looking at these areas is because you like your children to send to schools in the area?

Jack: Yes. And also, of course for the whole family to move in.

Kelley: Yes, to find a nice area to live.

Jack: Yes.

Kelley: Yes, that’s right. And have you set yourself a timeframe where you would like to be able to find a property by?

Jack: Well, haven’t strictly set a time frame yet.

Kelley: But you’re actively looking now?

Jack: Yes.

Kelley: If the right property came along, you’d be able to look at buying now?

Jack:  Yes.

Kelley: And also Jack, your budget would be somewhere between $5M- $6M for the perfect property?

Jack:  Yes.

Kelley: You’ve got a very healthy budget. We’d like to do everything we can to try and find that perfect property for you. And I am sure that once we get out working in the community for you, we would be able to call you back with a few properties for you to be able to have a look at and consider for your purchase.

Jack: Okay.

Kelley: Okay. Is there anything else that you might like to tell any prospective sellers or anything that you think might also important for them to know?

Jack:  I can’t think of anything right now. It’s on top of my head.

Kelley: You said earlier that it could be a home you can renovate or it could be a situation that you would start again? Or a property that would be suitable to just begin a new property on that site.

Jack:  Yes, I have thought of both sort of scenario. But yeah, I am flexible on that part. If I buy a house in a nice area, I would like to let say, “be involved more” on house I guess.

Kelley: Yes, so you are flexible as to whether it’s putting your own on stamp on a property or whether it’s the time where the property you would start again with a new property at that spot.

Jack:  Yes.

Kelley: Alright. Nice to work for you Jack. We’ll do our best to get you with a selection of properties to consider. And we’ll be in touch in the future. It shouldn’t take us too long. I’ve got both of your phone and email.

Jack:  No problem. Yes, you have my email.

Kelley: When you’re back in Australia, I am sure that we’ll also catch up.

Jack:  Well, I can come back anytime if situation calls for me to come back. I can certainly come back for that purpose. So, that’s not a problem.

Kelley: Yes. We might be able to get one or two properties for you to look at while you’re here at the same time.

Jack:  Okay. Alright. There has to be a time like this.

Kelley: Yes.

Jack:  I guess. In the meantime, I can do my best to take a look at the property over the internet and actually today I looked at 34 Highfield Road, Canterbury through internet and there’s actually credit clear pictures I found.

Kelley: Yes.

Jack:  It seems it’s not my type but it’s quite clear actually.

Kelley: Yes.

Jack:  I wouldn’t know if I like it or not straight away.

Kelley: No. And that might be the case, so we’ll search in the areas to try and find as many properties as we can for you where people are considering selling and then we’ll let you know about them and we can work from there, just try to find that perfect property for you. Make your search easier.

Jack:  Okay. Thank you.

Kelley: Thank you for your time Jack. I’ll talk to you again soon.

Jack: Thank you, bye.

Kelley: Thank you, bye.