Are you selling in Bentleigh, Moorabbin, Hampton East, Highett? Please help Inna buy…

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Inna: Hello?

Tony: Hello Inna?

Inna: Yeah, speaking.

Tony: It’s Tony from TG Newton, how are you?

Inna: Good, thank you.

Tony: That’s good. Just going off our call the other day. I just wanted to have that quick chat with you, just a concern that you’re still looking to buying around the Bentleigh and Moorabbin area?

Inna: Yeah, we’re still. Yeah we’re still-

Tony: Still on the hunt?

Inna: Yeah, we’re still looking for looking for…

Tony: What sort of … Are there some specifics with the type of property you’re looking for?

Inna: Just looking for in our area.

Tony: How many bedrooms was it? Was it four that you were looking for?

Inna: Four, yeah. About four.

Tony: Bathrooms?

Inna: Two.

Tony: Two and garage? good. Any other specifics that you were looking for from the property?

Inna: A garage. Yeah, that’s it.

Tony: That was just around the Bentleigh, Moorabbin, Hampton East area?

Inna: Yeah. Highett.

Tony: And Highett as well.

Inna: Uh-huh.

Tony: Awesome. If the right property comes along you’re in the position to buy now?

Inna: Yes we are.

Tony: Okay. Fantastic.