Janelle: The reason we choose Newton’s is we had used Newton’s before. We had a property in Richmond and we were just so happy with the service that we had. It was sold quite a lot over what we were expecting in the market and it was an out of area property so being in Richmond we weren’t sure about using a different agent, but they were just fantastic. They just showed that distance was no inhibitor for them.
They did really well and we were happy with the communication and the service. We thought, do it again so we did. They were fantastic. Again, we got quite a lot of over our reserve. We were just so happy. It was a really quick sale. I think it was only a week or ten days or something and it was sold. Just a really seamless transaction.
Speaker 2: Was the whole team involved or were you just dealing with one person throughout the sale?
Janelle: We were dealing with Cathy actually, on both of the sales. We were really lucky we had [done 00:00:54] consistency with our agent, but we had spoken to a few of the other team members are various times and they were all great, but Cathy was fantastic. She was available seven days. She called us Saturday night, Sunday morning. No matter what time it was, if she had some news for us she rang us straight away, and she kept in touch which was great for us. We knew exactly what was happening at every time.
With other agents over the years we’ve sold various properties, commercial and residential. We’ve dealt with quite a few agents. We’ve just found Newton’s to be … the service that we’ve got at Newton’s actually, and the end result just to be far above anything else that we’ve achieved for any of our other properties.
A lot of agents I think list properties, intend to just sort of rubber stamp them and put them in the pile and go through the motions of putting it on the Internet and showing people through, and they don’t do anything above and beyond that.
We found with Newton’s, they really actively tried to find the right buyers for our property. They went through their database, they marketed it, they really thought about who would be the best m market for each individual property, which we thought was great. They didn’t just throw it on the Internet and go, “Well we’ll see who comes to us.” They really tried to find people for us.
Speaker 2: You really felt that they were working for you?
Janelle: We did, yes definitely. Yes. We have had experiences in the past where we think with some agents, you know, are you’re working for us the [vendors 00:02:07] or the purchasers because you get all sorts of weird and wonderful terms and conditions coming to you that really aren’t for your benefit, and in my mind we’re the ones who are engaging the agent. We found with Newton’s we were just really happy with all the terms of our sales. There was no surprises and they certainly didn’t negotiate anything that we wouldn’t be happy with. They were really on the ball with that.
Speaker 2: Fantastic.
Speaker 3: Can you tell something about the fact that you didn’t have to pay? I know you didn’t know this but, that you didn’t have to pay for advertising because that’s a big thing when we’re competing with other agents. Most of our agents the minimum bill that they’ll be looking at, we’ll say $5,000 [inaudible 00:02:40] be like $10,000. Whereas, with us we carry all the risk. You’re never going to make any money up front I suppose or if you don’t sell.
Speaker 2: So with regards to I think the difference between us with the way we go about our marketing and advertising and so forth and costs and fees and so forth, how did that differ this time, these times around compared to other experiences?
Janelle: The cost and fees at Newton’s, I thought the structure was fantastic actually. With a lot of other agents we got those huge bills up front for advertising. They’ve always been quite sizable and we’ve always had to pay them before really the agents had to prove themselves. It’s always been a risk. With Newton’s it was great. We didn’t have to pay anything up front so we felt very comfortable going into the transaction. As it turned out, we did a fantastic job both times, but it was great for us. We didn’t have to outlay any money without knowing really what the agent was going to be like.
Speaker 2: If you didn’t sell you wouldn’t have paid anything [inaudible 00:03:45]?
Janelle: Do you want me to stop all this noise?
Speaker 2: No that’s okay, I’ll pick up. If you hadn’t of sold, you still wouldn’t have paid anything?
Janelle: No, it was great actually. So what was it? Sorry I didn’t even know that was a term.
Speaker 2: Even if you didn’t sell …
Janelle: Oh, there’s no fees at all. You don’t have to pay advertising or anything.
Speaker 3: No.
Janelle: Oh see I didn’t know that. Sorry, okay.
Speaker 2: There’s no risk of out of pocket expenses.
Janelle: We clearly don’t read anything of what we’re given to sign. Do you want me to go and quite them down?
Just put them back outside and lock the door Jim. They can’t hurt themselves. Maybe just wipe that off the tape? Don’t hand that over to Children’s Services.
With the out of pocket advertising expenses at Newton’s it was really great as well because if they didn’t achieve a sale for the property, we didn’t have to pay anything which I just thought was unbelievable. I don’t know any other agent that we’ve dealt with or that I’ve even heard of from anyone else that does that. It’s really Newton’s backing on themselves and putting themselves out there and being just 100% confident they can always sell the property so that they’re not losing all their out of pocket expenses. I just thought that was a huge bonus.
Speaker 3: Awesome, you’ve done so well. You’re the best Valium I’ve ever had.
Janelle: (crosstalk) [inaudible 00:05:02] Speaker 3: That is so natural.
Janelle: Was I looking … I hope I’m not looking at an odd angle or anything?
Speaker 4: No, that’s awesome. They can’t … yes.
Speaker 5: Do you want to play any of it back?
Speaker 4: No.
Janelle: I don’t want to see it. Just surprise me and make sure if …