Are you selling in Huntingdale area? Please help Radha buy…


Radha: Yeah.

Senan: Hey, Radah. How are you doing?

Radha: Good, good, yeah.

Senan: Good, it’s Senan from TG Newton, again.

Radha: Yeah.

Senan: Just to let you know as we discussed before, this call could be recorded.

Radha: What is the recording of the call, what is the reason?

Senan: Sorry?

Radha: What’s for the recording, what is the reason?

Senan: Yeah, as I explained before, because I want to tell my buyers that you’re an actually … my sellers, sorry, that you’re an actual buyer who is actually looking. I’m not faking it up.

Radha: Yep.

Senan: Yeah, so this is why we do it. This is the only reason why.

Radha: Okay, that’s nice, yeah.

Senan: Tell me again, what sort of property you’re looking for.

Radha: I’m looking for a three bedroom house. If at all, a three bedroom house, only a small block of land, maybe around 500 or to 600 square meters, or even less 400 to 600 square meters in any area. It’s not for development, just for it to live in.

Senan: Yeah, okay.

Radha: I’m really interested to buy. Yeah, the house should be around station around 1 to 1.5 kilometers radius.

Senan: Yeah, so you want it to be close to a train station and public transport.

Radha: Some public transport, yeah.

Senan: All right. Okay, Radah, as I promised, I will do everything in my power to find you this property.

Radha: Great, thank you.

Senan: We will be in touch shortly. I’ll look forward to put you in your new home shortly and help you settle down.

Radha: Good, thank you very much.

Senan: Thank you so much for doing this, Radah.

Radha: All right, thank you.

Senan: Bye bye. Have a good one.