Lloyd Jenman: All you have to tell me exactly what it is that you’re looking to buy.

Ming: Yeah, I’m looking to buy.

Lloyd: And Kelley will help find it for you.

Ming: Yes.

Lloyd: So what Kelley will do, Kelley will go and knock on doors.

Ming: Kelley.

Lloyd: Yes, will go…

Ming: …visit the door?

Lloyd: Yeah go knock on the door.

Ming: Yeah.

Lloyd: Where you want to buy.

Ming: Yeah.

Lloyd: And will ask the people …

Ming: Yeah.

Lloyd: Do you want to sell?

Ming: All right.

Lloyd: If they say yes, Kelley can say “I’ve got a buyer” …

Ming: Yeah.

Lloyd: And then they can listen to this chat that we’re having together just to know that the buyer is a real buyer.

Ming: Ahh.

Kelley: Because sometimes they say, “ah no you haven’t.”

Ming: Yeah I know.

Kelley: And I have, I’m looking for you.

Ming: Yeah, yeah I know.

Kelley: So then when they hear you, they say “oh.”

Ming: So you company are different than other agents … click door, just maybe some people buy. No auction, no marketing.

Lloyd: That’s right. We’re very private.

Ming: Yeah I know. In marketing it might be more money, but …

Lloyd: Yeah that’s right. So it’s good for sellers, too. It’s good for people that are selling.

Ming: Yeah.

Lloyd: And it’s good for you, because you’re a good buyer.

Lloyd: So, tell me, where do you want to buy? What area?

Ming: In the Camberwell, Hawthorn, Kew, Balwyn.

Lloyd: Okay, yeah. Camberwell, Hawthorn, Kew, Balwyn, all of those in a southeast, in the east? Inner east?

Ming: Inner east.

Lloyd: Like the inner east?

Ming: Yeah, in the inner east. Balwyn and Camberwell. Since here is a no, near Box Hill [inaudible 00:01:44].

Lloyd: Okay and as far as what you want to buy? How big a land size?

Ming: Maybe land, maybe house, but I need 14 or 15 before, no new. Brand new is no good.

Lloyd: Okay, so you want at least 15 years old?

Ming: Yeah, or before. If in … I buy land, I can new.

Lloyd: Okay, but you don’t want something new, you prefer something older?

Ming: Yes, others are 80 years, 50 years, 40 years, doesn’t matter; but not brand new.

Lloyd: Okay, how big the block, how big the land?

Ming: 100 up to 1000.

Lloyd: Okay, and your budget?

Ming: Budget is $2,800,000.

Lloyd Jenman: Okay, yep. That’s it, now that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to spend 2.8, but it just means…

Ming: $2,800,000, near $3 million is fine.

Lloyd: Yeah.

Ming: If I like, it might be more money, it’s fine.

Lloyd: Cool. You know what? It’s all done now, that’s it. You’ve given us everything we need.

Ming: All right.

Lloyd: Okay, so now what’s gonna happen is Kelley will go and try and find you something to buy.

Ming: Okay, thank you. I’m sorry my English is not good.

Lloyd: No, you’re English is better than my Chinese.

Ming: Really?

Lloyd: Yeah. (laughs)

Ming: (laughs) Face-to-face is okay, on the phone a little bit difficult for me.

Lloyd: I appreciate you coming to see us today, it’s been really good.

Ming: I’m living here 18, 19 years, but before never speak English. I’m here just 1 year to study, just 1 year.

Lloyd: Okay, well you’re doing well.

Ming: So I think often talking, talking might be much more…

Lloyd: Cool, thank you very much for coming today.

Ming: You’re welcome.

Lloyd: Kelley will be…

Ming: Sorry.

Lloyd: Don’t be, don’t apologize. You don’t have to apologize.

Ming: I don’t like my face because today is…

Lloyd: It’s okay, it’s all right, it’s fine. Cool.

Ming: All right.

Lloyd: Thank you very much.

Ming: You’re welcome.

Lloyd: Thank you for being…

Ming: All right.