Lloyd Jenman: What I can do for you, I’m actually doing, helping another buyer who wants to buy in similar area as you …

Michelle: Mm-hmm

Lloyd Jenman: And, I’m getting some letters distributed for her. Basically what I thought I would do is kind of include you guys too, because I think that the more the merrier …

Michelle: Yes.

Lloyd Jenman: And basically what I’ve been doing is just getting quick recording and putting on the PS of the letter so people can go check it out for themselves if they want to dig a little bit deeper.

Michelle: Mm-hmm

Lloyd Jenman: So I’ve already got one from Helen. She’s looking more for an investment.

Michelle: Okay.

Lloyd Jenman: It’d be cool if you could tell me what you were looking for. What we can do is help you try and find something as well.

Michelle: Okay, great.

Lloyd Jenman: What we’ll do is you’ll get basically first crack of any people that call.

Michelle: Okay.

Lloyd Jenman: And then we can say that the budget up to X amount. This is what they’re looking for. And we’ve also got Helen as well.

Michelle: Mm-hmm

Lloyd Jenman: If it doesn’t suit any of these two and you like us, then hopefully we can help you, if you want to sell. So it’s basically win-win for everybody.

Michelle: Okay.

Lloyd Jenman: Yeah. You’re all-right with that?

Michelle: Yeah, yeah. Sorry. That sounds great. So what did you need me to do anything else then, or …

Lloyd Jenman: Just if you wanted to tell me what you were looking for exactly. How much your budget is it if was the perfect property.

Michelle: Okay. If it was the perfect property, well.
Yes, like I said, we’re looking for 3 bedrooms and probably about five … are you still there? Can you hear me?

Lloyd Jenman: Yeah, I can hear you perfectly clear.

Michelle: Yeah. And about 500 square meters.

Lloyd Jenman: Yup. And how much can you spend up to?

Michelle: Well, that’s really the question isn’t it? For the perfect property, I don’t know.

Lloyd Jenman: The absolute perfect property.

Michelle: Probably 1.2, maybe slightly more.

Lloyd Jenman: Okay, but it’d have to be really good for that. You’d have to be … You’d be really stretching it is what you’re saying.

Michelle: Yes. Yeah. Now, having …perhaps the perfect property doesn’t mean a beautiful house and all the rest of it. It just means a house that we can live in that meets the land size and location that we’re looking for.

Lloyd Jenman: So, whereabouts do you want to buy?

Michelle: We’re looking really Ormond and Murrumbeena because they’re the only regions that we’ve seen that have a primary school close to the train stations.

Lloyd Jenman: Okay. And so you want to be within … how far do you want to be from the train station?

Michelle: About a kilometer.

Lloyd Jenman: Okay. Cool. Well, what I’ll do … you and Helen kind of suit each other well because you’re not kind of competing buyers. You’re looking for slightly different things. You’re looking for more something that’s going to suit you as a family and she’s more looking for something from an investment point of view. So, I think that it works.

Michelle: Mm-hmm

Lloyd Jenman: So to speak, and I will let you know how we go because we’re about to get some out in the next week or so.

Michelle: Okay.

Lloyd Jenman: All right, so you’re a VIP VIP buyer.

Michelle: Okay, great.

Lloyd Jenman: Can you just let me know… you know how house I sent the pricefinder info?

Michelle: Yes.

Lloyd Jenman: Was it close?

Michelle: I think it said up to 1.23 off the top of my head and it sold for 1.3.

Lloyd Jenman: Okay.

Michelle: Yeah, but I think that I sent you the email saying it looks like things are not being as stable as I had hoped, but never mind. You win some, you lose some.

Lloyd Jenman: I didn’t go and have a look at that land more closely, but it wasn’t the 900,000 that the agent was saying, that’s for sure.

Michelle: No. Yes. No, I knew that that was a ridiculous price. I mean, I suppose you kind of get used to it.

Lloyd Jenman: It’s very frustrating though.

Michelle: Yeah, it is.

Lloyd Jenman: Cool. Hopefully we can help you avoid all that.

Michelle: Okay. That would be wonderful.

Lloyd Jenman: Cool. Well, I’ll talk to you very soon.

Michelle: Okay, great. Thanks very much, Lloyd.

Lloyd Jenman: Thanks, Michelle.

Michelle: Okay, bye.

Lloyd Jenman: Bye.