Eon Dyson:   So I’m here and I’m having a chat with Marlene. Marlene is looking for a property in Aspendale Gardens. Marlene, if you’ll say hi.

Marlene:  Hi. Good to see you.

Eon Dyson:  Yeah, obviously we are doing a recording because we want people to know that you are a real person and when we go in looking for a property for you we can check out with this recording and they can appreciate you are a real person. Marlene, you are looking at Aspendale Gardens, what are you looking for?

Marlene: A single level home and with a bit of land to put a keen gardener.

Eon Dyson: Yeah.

Marlene: Something that I can develop myself.

Eon Dyson: And you’d be happy for a place you could move straight into or even a place you might be able to renovate a little bit as well?

Marlene: Yes, I’m happy to refurbish.

Eon Dyson: Of course. Okay. You’ve mentioned Royal Palms.

Marlene: Yes.

Eon Dyson: Royal Palms is an area of interest for you.

Marlene: Yeah I just love the park areas and the openness of the whole estate.

Eon Dyson: I see, the garden area.

Marlene: Yes.

Eon Dyson: Okay, and for an area like that what sort of price range are you looking at, Marlene?

Marlene: Probably around about 700.

Eon Dyson: And if you found the perfect place that you could move straight into without any work needed done, would there be any flexibility with that?

Marlene: Well there could be.

Eon Dyson: There could be?

Marlene: Yet again, it depends on what the property looks like.

Eon Dyson: Yeah, of course. Okay, and what is it exactly that that area is a hub of the gardens and that, there’s obviously amenities and things like that are important to you?

Marlene: Yes. I had a look at the community center I think that it’s a lovely mixture of young families and they are looking at providing services for the more mature people in the community as well. It’s close and it’s not, if you’re a beach person it’s not too far from there, but as a keen gardener I just love that environment.

Eon Dyson: Okay. And this is a plan to long term move?

Marlene: Yeah, it’s a long term move, obviously.

Eon Dyson: Okay. Well, what I’ll do is I’ll head into the area and I’ll see if I can find someone that might be open to selling their place and see what I can find for you and I’ll come back to you.

Marlene: Lovely.

Eon Dyson: Awesome. Thanks for chatting Marlene, appreciate it.

Marlene: Yeah, thank you.