Thanks for reading my letter – and for taking the time to find out more.

As you can see (and hear) on this page (below) I have an excellent buyer who is keen to purchase a property in your area.

If you’re thinking about selling please call me anytime on (03) 9568 8000.

Thank you.

Luke Bartholomew
03 9568 8000

* * *

Luke: Sitting here with Lisa. Hi, thanks so much for offering to do this for us. So just discussing your plans to buy in the Brighton area. So, tell me a bit about what sort of property you are looking at buying?

Lisa: I prefer a 4 bedroom property.

Luke: Yes, bathrooms and how many bathrooms would you like?

Lisa: At least two bathrooms.

Luke: At least two. And is it double car garage?

Lisa: Yes, please.

Luke: No worries. And when we we’re speaking about the areas, you were looking at Central Brighton between Durrant Street, Halifax Street and Saint Andrew’s, that sort of areas? Is that right?

Lisa: Yes please.

Luke: What sort of price range are you looking at?

Lisa: It is $2M to $3M.

Luke: Okay $2.5 to $3M.

Lisa: Yes.

Luke: Okay, great. So you are looking at sort of getting into the area with a good size block of land, good schools, that sort of thing.

Lisa: Yes.

Luke: Okay, And you’re looking at a slightly longer settlement as well? Is that right?

Lisa: Yes. that is right.

Luke: Okay. No worries. Alright, we will start speaking to some people in the area and we will start to find you a home. Okay?

Lisa: Thank you.

Luke: No worries.

If you’ve considered selling your property
call today on 9568 8000