Janaki: Hello.

Nick: Hello, is this Janaki?

Janaki: Yes.

Nick: This is Nick from TG Newton Real Estate. How are you today?

Janaki: I am good, thank you.

Nick: That is good to hear. Janaki, remember I’m just calling back to follow up from the conversation we had last week.

Janaki: Yes.

Nick: Remember you said you were looking for a place to purchase?

Janaki: Yes.

Nick: To downsize a home that you currently live in?

Janaki: Yes.

Nick: In order to help to you further, I said I call you back quickly and we can go over some of the items that we spoke about. And I said look, “ I’ll ring you back on a phone where I can record this conversation” that way you know, we can show people that are looking to sell in the area that there’s a genuine buyer looking to sell something.

Janaki: Yes.

Nick: Now, what area was it Janaki that you’re actually looking to buy?

Janaki: We are looking in Wheelers Hill, Vermont South even Glen Waverley, depends on which part of Glen Waverley.

Nick: Right, okay. What part of Glen Waverley when you say “depends on”? What are you looking for?

Janaki: We don’t want it too close to shopping center.

Nick: Right.

Janaki:  But maybe walking distance to the shops.

Nick: Okay, very good.

Janaki: Something like let’s say, if it’s Cromwell Road, Waverley Road, Gallaghers Road, High Street Road Corner.

Nick: Excellent!

Janaki: Or even the other side where it’s High Street Road, Springvale Road, Highbury Road that area. Just before and closer to the Springvale Road.

Nick: Okay. Alright. We’ll do whatever what we can to find you something around there. That’s good being more specific in the areas that you’re after. Another thing Janaki, when you’re looking for a home, once you find something, you want three to four bedrooms, is that what you were saying?

Janaki: Yes, three to four bedrooms, maybe at least two bathrooms three would be ideal.

Nick: Yes. Excellent. What I’ll do now, I think there’s enough information for me to start prospecting.

Janaki:  The other thing is it has to be a single storey building.

Nick: Yes, that’s fine.

Janaki:  Now, there‘s couple of friends of ours looking for a place to downsizes. If you come across a land that’s big enough to put three single storey units in it with similar kind of, you know, two to three bedrooms for the men, and three to four bedroom for us. If you come across any, it would be good if you let us know.

Nick: Of course I will.  That’s good. Alright. To help you even further, what’s the price range? The last time we spoke you said, around $1.5M mark.

Janaki: Yes.

Nick:  Now, what if you find your perfect home? Is that your limit or you could go a bit more? What if you find what you’re after, can you go better than that?

Janaki: We might consider, yes.

Nick: Alright.

Janaki:  It all depends, if it is the perfect house for me or for us, yes we might consider it.

Nick: Alright. Good. So we’re looking at around $1.5 and if it’s exactly the perfect,, you would be happy to go up that mark.

Janaki: Yes.

Nick: Yes, Excellent! So what I’ll do after this phone call..

Janaki: Around Golden Mile area is also good .

Nick: Also good for you. Excellent. That’s good. Being more specific helps us a lot as well. So what I’ll do, I’ll put this recording to our website, I’ll do some letterbox drops, I’ll do some door knocking. I’ll do whatever I can to find the perfect place. And then if we find something you feel that suits you, we ‘ll give you a call. And if the owners are happy enough, we can take it through as well.

Janaki: Yes. Okay.

Nick: Alright, I’ll get on that  straight away. Are you actually ready to buy? If you find something that you like, can you start to looking at it now?

Janaki: We are willing to look at it, yes.

Nick:  Very good.

Janaki: We tend to saw something here a little off of Lum Road. It was the perfect house but unfortunately it is caught under the Pylons. We don’t want anything near the Pylons.We’ve seen a few houses under the Pylons which is good but lived under the the Pylons we didn’t like that.

Nick: Thank you for that information and I’ll be contacting you very soon.Thanks a lot Janaki, you take care. Have a good day. Bye.

Janaki: Okay. Thank you.