Lloyd: Do you want to tell me exactly what it is that you’re looking for? I’ll help you try to find it.

Helen: Please do that. I particularly like Bentleigh, McKinnon, Ormond.

Lloyd: What would be your absolute maximum budget? Just so that I know which properties I should tell you about. I have a really good one that came on the market and it was for $1,100,00. Should I tell you all about it?

Helen: Yes please.

Lloyd: Well, I’m just trying because you’re telling me that your budget is a million dollars and then I’ll say I have 1.1M and then you say “Yes”. Please, I just want to know if would you pay 1.5M?

Helen: That’s too much for me, no.

Lloyd: Okay.

Helen: I don’t have that amount. I wish I had, but I don’t have that much.

Lloyd: Okay. You’re looking to buy something for investment?

Helen: Most likely but it could be dependent on the condition. If it is good location and condition, we could move in. If it is a school zone, like McKinnon secondary college.

Lloyd: Okay, what I’d like to do for you Helen, and this is what we’ve done for someone else recently, her name was Mrs. Brown. She actually got to see three properties that had not been advertised with any other agency. The reason why is because she allowed us to be able to do a letter for her and basically used that to promote her story … You know how you get a letter in your letterbox and it says, “You’ve got a buyer”?

Helen: Okay.

Lloyd: Well, Mrs. Brown, she wanted to buy close to the 625 bus route. And if you want to buy in this McKinnon School Zone, then what we can do is we can do a letter for you. When we do the letter, we want to be able to prove to people that the buyer is real. So if you are okay to say a few words, what I will do is I can just hit record. I’ll just say, “Our buyer’s name is Helen”. I will send you the link to Mrs. Brown’s recording and you can see what we’ve done for her. Since we’re not a typical real estate agency, we need to be able to show people that, “Hey, we say we’ve got buyers and here they are”. Then, what I’ll be able to do is to distribute some letters in the neighborhood saying that you’re looking to buy, which is anything in the zone.

Helen: I certainly respect your suggestion, whatever you suggest, if we can get something, I will follow your instruction.

Lloyd: What would your budget be? How much could you spend up to if it was the perfect property?

Helen: It could be 1.1. The maximum could be 1.2M.

Lloyd: Okay, that’s good to know. You live in Bentleigh, don’t you Helen?

Helen: Yes.

Lloyd: Okay, you might get one of these in your letterbox soon.

Helen: Okay, that’s good. Yeah, why not? I prefer close to Center Road. I’d feel comfortable. It’s really a very nice spot. Just close to station but I prefer a school zone. When he arrived in Australia and he’s always living in around Bentleigh. First, they arrived in Australia in just Bentleigh and he likes living around here. He’s so used to this place. That’s the thing. I told you all of my story, right? Hopefully we’ll get something soon.

Lloyd: And who do you want to buy from, Helen?

Helen: I prefer from you. Definitely. Last time, I told you, we have some connection with you. We always remember you. We bought property from you and sold property with you. We always remember that you have a good team and your strategy is good. We like this kind of business. If you want to buy a house, whatever you want to do dealing with them first. He always say that and I can’t forget whenever you helped me and your team. Your company helped us and we will think about you all the time. Really, from the bottom of my heart, I will say that tonight.

Lloyd: Aw, thank you very much, that’s really good. You’ve given me a really big reputation to live up to now, I’ve really got to find you something…

Helen: Thank you, bye.

Lloyd: Bye bye.