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Grant: Grant here.

Katie: Oh hi Grant. It’s Katie here from TG Newton Real Estate, how are you doing?

Grant: Hi Katie, I’m well.

Katie: That’s good. I just thought I’d give you a call following up from our discussion last week. I’ve just got everything that I need now to make the recording that we spoke about, about getting some letters out for you.

Grant: Yup, good.

Katie: Yeah, so you haven’t found anything just yet?

Grant: I haven’t. There’s some sort of not great ones that have been around, but no I haven’t found my dream one yet, no.

Katie: Okay, perfect. Well what I want to do is just get you to pretty much repeat back to me what you said last week, and I just made the recording, and then we’ll organize to get some letters sent out, and I’ll also get our team of lead finders to go out and do some door knocking in the specific pockets that you’re after. If you just want to give me the rundown again of what it is exactly that you’re looking for.

Grant: Sure, no worries. Really what I mentioned earlier in the pocket to the East of Oakley and to just be interested between the highway and Oakley and that pocket there. I want something probably on, I don’t know, around 700 up to 800 square meters if I could get it. I like working on cars, so I need the space for that, so I’d like to put a workshop in the back. Someone else might develop it by putting another house, or units or whatever in there. I don’t need a particularly big house. It’s only me and a daughter and another daughter that occasionally stays. Something that appears as lovely but needs a bit of work is okay.

Katie: You’d consider something that you could renovate as well?

Grant: Yes, absolutely. When it’s done it’s nice, but probably a bit of a cosmetic reno, and I’d say I’d go as far as saying I don’t mind changing the configuration of rooms. I’d take walls out, that sort of stuff, that’s okay. I guess I don’t really want to have new rooms and do a lot more major work.

Katie: In an ideal world if we did come across a perfect property, what price range are you looking in?

Grant: Now you’d be in the 1.1 to 1.2 area I guess, in that sort of  neck of the woods. If it was all perfect, and I didn’t have to do a thing, and someone already had an 8 car garage in there, we might need a bit more again.

Katie: Perfect, well that probably gives us enough that we need to work with now, so what we’ll do is we’ll get out there and start talking to some people, and try and find something that’s going to suit you in those pockets.

Grant: That would be wonderful if you can find it, I’m ready to go.

Katie: Perfect, well thanks for taking the time, Grant to have a talk with me today, and hopefully we can help you.

Grant: Okay, thank you.

Katie: All right, thanks a lot.