Are you Selling? Listen in and help Gillian buy.


Kelley: Hi Gillian! I am sitting with Gillian and you need us to find you a new property?

Gillian: I do.

Kelley: Yes. Gillian sold through TG Newton recently and would like to move into the area of Mont Albert and Surrey Hills.

Gillian: Yes.

Kelley: Now the best pocket that you would like to try and see if you can find property in is boarded by Wattles Road, Elgar Road, Canterbury Road and Union Road.

Gillian: Yes. That’s true.

Kelley: This pocket here. The second pocket would be Warrigal Road, Canterbury Road, Elgar Road and Riversdale Road. The pockets surrounded by those roads.

Gillian: Yes.

Kelley: Another area that you quite like is Blackburn proper. Now it is important for you to be close to transport being trams or trains.

Gillian: Yes.

Kelley: And I roll if those three pockets you can’t find you’re after, we can broadened out to the bigger area that’s boarded by Blackburn Road, Wattle Road, Union Road and Warrigal Roads. Close on the city side and down to Burwood Highway.

Gillian: Yes, I think that’s good.

Kelley: Yes, now if we find you the perfect property, you could pay up to $2M for that property? Is that right?

Gillian: Yes, I think we would.

Kelley: Yes. So the team will go out, talk to people and will send out some letters for you and we’ll try to find you the perfect property to move into in the next couple of months.

Gillian: Sounds good.

Kelley: Alright. Thanks very much Gillian.