Selling in Noble Park North, Dandenong North area? Help Clinton Buy…

Thanks for reading my letter – and for taking the time to find out more.

As you can see (and hear) on this page (below) I have an excellent buyer who is keen to purchase a property in your area.

If you’re thinking about selling please call me anytime on (03) 9568 8000.

Thank you.

Joshua McLaughlin
03 9568 8000


Josh: Hello Josh speaking.

Clinton: Yes.Hi, this is Clinton.

Josh: Hey Clinton, how is it going?

Clinton: Not bad.

Josh: Not bad. I  spoke to you last Saturday and we’re going to try to open up the letters for you to look for a home.

Clinton: Yes, absolutely.

Josh: Yes, so what area did you end up deciding on?

Clinton: What I do like in an area….. tiny lower market as well.

Josh: Yes.

Clinton: I do like that area. Anywhere from the train lines  to some sort of Croydon to trying to hit Ringwood but I think that is a little bit  too pricey. Possibly Mooroolbark but I think it hasn’t got a lot there.

Josh: Yup, So mainly you are looking for Noble Park North, Dandenong North

Clinton: Yes, Dandenong North.

Josh: That little patch in there?

Clinton: Somewhere between Jackson’s Road and then the freeway basically. The gate linking to… that chunk in there is pretty good.

Josh: Yes, it’s beautiful.

Clinton: Anywhere around there. Basically, this is what have mentioned, a sort of  run down. It has to be minimum of three bedrooms and has the potential there. I can think between I’m ensuite or a simple run over in the kitchen.

Josh: Something you can still live in there is the main thing?

Clinton: Yes. (cant understand the next sentence)

Josh: Yes, of course. And price range roughly?

Clinton: I thought I was going  to get a land $5 directly but I need to sort of like to be anywhere from $4 let’s say to $5.

Josh: If it’s the perfect property, you probably would  go over just a little bit?

Clinton: Absolutely. That would give me sort of little of of $50 to $80 grand just to do something with it.

Josh: Yeah. I sort of like get what you are aiming now. That shouldn’t be an issue. There’s a lot of property in that sort of patch that we will find for you.

Clinton: Yup.

Josh: And pretty much you get the first tips essentially. We’ll bring you through and how it works is that our agent would go through and have look at the property and make sure that it is suitable with what you’d like. And if we think it is something within your means, we will give you a call and we will organize for you to come down before it goes… Just make the process for the person selling a lot quicker and it makes it a lot better for you because you are not really  in competition with anyone else.

Clinton: Okay, sounds perfect. I am pretty keen to go now.

Josh: Yeah, sure.

Clinton: If you have anything quicker just let me know. I have gone through a few other options in the next week or so. But as I mentioned, if there are options and there are no one else’s, I’ll be bidding, I am an emotional buyer and whatever is taken out of it.

Josh: Yes or course, no pressure. We’ll probably try to get the letters sending out this week and hopefully we start getting calls probably next week and then we can work out, it would not be until one to two weeks before we see anything.But we will work out as soon as we find something that you are looking for then you will be the first one to hear about it.

Clinton: Excellent.  Fantastic. I’m sorry, I was going to mention the more basic the house, the more better as well.

Josh: Yes.

Clinton: Got the hallway in the stairs, go up and down and there a room here and there… If it is a simple basic get under the floor and get it in the roof in one level. Awesome.

Josh: So the simple the better in a decent size of the land and all the rest?

Clinton: Exactly.

Josh: That’s no worries. I  am pretty sure we are out to find something in that area definitely.

Clinton: Fantastic!

Josh: I’ll keep  in contact with you Clinton and I will let you know how we go.

Clinton: Thank you very much.

Josh: Have a good afternoon mate.

Clinton: You too buddy, cheers!

Josh: Bye.