Are you selling in Box Hill area? Please help Greg buy…


Eon: Hoping to find something.

Greg: We’re looking for Box Hill.. the reason, I’m living my business partner and I we’re living in Balwyn. So convienient to Box Hill to inspect and manage. Secondly transportation in Box Hill is pretty good got trains, tram to the CBD.

Eon: Yep

Greg: Box Hill High School zone is very important for my potential customer from… Buyer I mean from China.

Eon: Yes

Greg: They are very care about the school zone for their kids. So this Chinese rich guy… One is education, Second is transportation, third is the shopping convenience Box Hill shopping center.

Eon: Yeah, Okay

Greg: All these are key factors. You know are required by my potential customer… that’s why my partner and I are looking for land or existing but it could be demolished probably in Box Hill area.

Eon: Yes

Greg: So that’s what we’re looking for.

Eon: That’s what you’re looking for, Beautiful and what sort of budget are we talking about.

Greg: Does that make sense to you?

Eon: Makes perfect sense to me. Makes perfect sense and I can certainly see what I can find for you at that way.

Greg: Thank you

Eon: What sort of budget are you working within?

Greg: Honestly for our company we don’t have a specific budget. We really gonna evaluate the value the location.

Eon: Yep

Greg: You know and the key factor could it be fit right for this customer requirement.

Eon: Yes

Greg: Secondly we want to build townhouses in Box Hill region like a more than four could be four townhouses and a you know 5, 6, 7, 8 that’s our target.

Eon: Perfect

Greg: We are not going to build apartments because we do build apartments in Doncaster. You know my partner is good but currently in Box Hill area too many apartments.

Eon: Yeah right. So townhouses preferred, Yeah Okay

Greg: Yeah yeah.

Eon: So you’d be looking at land 600 square meters plus is ideal.

Greg: Right.

Eon: Yep, allright

Greg: Maybe between 650sqms to 1,200sqms that would should have been very good.

Eon: Yep, perfect allright, Let’s see what I can find for you.

Greg: Thank you!